15 best cookware sets to inspire your inner chef that are actually worth investing in

Presentation is, of course, key if you want to Instagram the hell out of your creations – but you want them to taste great too, right? In that case, what you cook your food in is just as important as the ingredients you use. Trust.

We’re approx 674824 months into the Coronavirus crisis, and if the cooler weather has got you trading park dates in for autumn recipe testing (read: attempting with all your might to make something out of leftover pumpkin flesh that doesn’t taste *gross*), you’ll need to invest in one of the best cookware sets.

Yep, it’s a grown-up purchase, but there’s no better way to inspire your inner chef and take those culinary abilities to the next level.

Sure, sometimes all you need to create a Masterchef final-worthy dish is a single frying pan (we opt for this one by Le Creuset ALWAYS, in case you’re wondering) – but on other occasions, you’ll need a whole plethora of saucepans, dishes and cooking gadgets to fry, boil, sauté, chop and steam. It’s exhausting if you don’t have the right tools.

So, we made it our mission to hunt down the very best cookware sets and saucepan sets which not only ooze shelfie appeal, but which are super practical, too. These cookware sets have non-stick properties, heat resistant handles, ceramic coating and spouts in all the right places to keep you safe as you work your magic. Your mum would be so proud. Time to get practising that Christmas dinner?

Heads Up: You Might Be Microwaving All of Your Food the Wrong Way – Here’s How to Do It Right

No alarm clock or ringtone has ever put me on as much high alert as the shrill “beep, beep” of the microwave. But the inevitable wave of disappointment I experience every time I slice open leftovers and find that they’re still cold in the middle feels like the ultimate betrayal, especially when the plate they’re on nearly burnt off my fingertips.

If this has happened to you, chances are you’ve been using your microwave wrong this whole time, and TikTok user Isabella Avida, aka @onlyjayus, is here to change the culinary experience of any popcorn-lovers and avid instant noodle eaters out there.

Popcorn is taken out of the microwave in the kitchen.

In a video shared to TikTok on Aug. 12, they explained that the instinct many people have to pop their food directly in the center of the microwave is one we should all be ignoring. Instead, you should place your bowl, cup, etc. on the edge of the microwave plate so that it rotates as the microwave plate spins. This ensures that the food will be cooked evenly through and greatly reduce the likelihood of the “dreaded” frozen center. It may seem simple but the amount of times I’ve forgotten to do this and had to reheat everything all over again is not zero.

Isabella added that you can also include a mug in the microwave for height distribution to heat large plates up at the same time, and that including a small glass of water alongside leftover pizza or pasta helps keep the food moist but not too chewy. Maybe I’ve been giving too much credit to the stovetop and oven, but it sounds like the microwave has its fair share of perks. I might even be brave enough to try that microwaved corn on the cob recipe now.

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