July 20, 2024

15 Bedroom Lighting Ideas & Stylish Bedroom Lighting to Shop

The options out there for bedroom lighting ideas are pretty endless. Whether you’ve just moved into a new house, are going through a reno, or just fancy giving your favourite room a facelift, we’ve got your back. Because in case you didn’t already know, one of the most important and often under-appreciated factors to consider when decorating is lighting.

Especially if it’s the bedroom we’re talking about. You’ll want to get that relaxing ambience spot on, and finding the right lighting combination can really make or break it.

Don’t let that pressure stress you out though, we’ve got some inspired bedroom lighting ideas here ready to transform any sleeping space in an instant, and 25 of the best lamps and light fittings to suit all budgets to shop below.

Your choice of bedroom lighting will obviously depend on your own design theme, furniture and size of the room you’re working with; it also helps to take into account whether it’s a modern blank canvas or a period property full of features. You may want to lean into tradition with a classic fabric shade floor lamp, or contrast it with a contemporary pendant chandelier. Smaller rooms benefit from wall sconces to save on surface space, for example, and larger rooms can carry off more statement shades.

Keep scrolling to find plenty of tips and bedroom lighting ideas, and click here to shop 15 of the best lights for the perfect laid-back atmosphere to help you wind down at the end of the day now.

1. Flank the bed with wall lights instead of bedside lamps

Installing a pair of sconces in place of bedside lamps not only saves on surface space but also creates a nice feature of the bed. Prefer the traditional look? This mid-century mini shaded style is timeless, or try a more modern adjustable design like this to swing out when reading.

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2. Think of lamps like decorative ornaments

If you’re going for an earthy, neutral vibe for your bedroom decor, choosing a ceramic or stone based bedside lamp is a no-brainer. This washed urn adds lovely detail to a room the same way a vase would and this affordable glazed set could pass for ornaments themselves.

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