14 Silk Pajama Sets to Wear During Your Staycation

We’ve officially entered summer, which means there’s an extremely high chance your Instagram feed will soon be filled with endless swimsuit selfies, influencers on holiday to places you’ve never even heard of, and your friends on boats to which you didn’t know they even had access.

But if your Summer Friday plans this year revolve more around your trusty air conditioner and some well-deserved lounging indoors, it’s the perfect time to invest in some chic sleepwear that’ll make you feel luxurious all the same (even if you’re literally not moving).

For that, a set of silk pajamas fit the bill perfectly. Not only is the fabric cool to the touch, but there are few things more lavish than sliding around in bed while wearing glossy separates – especially if you typically fall asleep in an oversize, decade-old T-shirt.

For the same reason we justify spending $75 on a trendy bedside candle, there’s something about splurging on a silky set to enjoy in the comfort of your own space that feels really special and lavish.

Click through the gallery below for 14 silk pajama sets to get comfortable in while you’re out of office.

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