14 Signs Prince Harry Will Make the Best Dad

Now that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have officially tied the knot, what’s next for the royal lovebirds? Besides a romantic and secret getaway for their honeymoon, it’s business as usual for the royal family, but that doesn’t mean having kids isn’t on everyone’s minds.

Sure, the couple have yet to talk about an exact plan of when they’ll start having kids, but they’ve both expressed their desires to have a family soon. And now that Harry is the uncle to three adorable children, perhaps becoming a father is closer than we think. But no matter when that time will come, we already know Harry will be an excellent father. In addition to being like a big kid himself, Harry has been involved with children’s charities for years and always makes visiting with children a huge priority whenever he travels. Keep reading for all the reasons our favorite redhead will clearly be an incredible father.

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