July 17, 2024

14 great tonics (toners) with flower extracts

Remictory BeautyHack explain why to use a tonic every day, and suggest tools that do not desiccate the skin.

Lotion Lotion Tonique, Eisenberg

Use this tonic in the morning wipe the skin with a cotton pad and refresh it. Tonight is my final stage of purification. Extracts of licorice, rose water and witch hazel combined provide a toning and soothing effect.

I like that the toner has a sharp odor, but, on the contrary, the calming smells of herbs. In the composition of essential oils of lemon and orange, which fight against natural and premature aging of the skin, and refresh it.

Лосьон-тоник Lotion Tonique, Eisenberg

Though the tool is not designed for this purpose, but a couple of times urgently rescued me when I didn’t have alternatives, helping to remove makeup with a cotton pad. Great!

Moisturizing toner Moisturizing Toner, Caudalie

Увлажняющий тоник Moisturizing Toner, Caudalie

Cleansing for me has long become a three-step routine: remove makeup product, wash the gel and apply tonic. Remedy Caudalie promises to deal with first, and the last part is to remove makeup (or what’s left of it) and refresh the skin, preparing it for further care. In the composition – the mysterious vinodrai, which moisturize and strengthen the skin, and mint, cumin and galván, helping to cheer up (I feel like I washed with water from a spring). But for the lack of alcohol Caudalie thank you and tonic skin, but rather leaves it moisturized but not sticky.

Orange water Acqua di Fiori d’arancio, Santa Maria Novella

Флердоранжевая вода Acqua di Fiori d'Arancio, Santa Maria Novella

“This is not tonic, and the time machine”, I thought, it seems to cure Santa Maria Novella. Dealing flatorange water from large glass bottle onto a cotton pad, I feel like a lady of the last century. Not surprisingly – a long time ago the monks used the same water to soothe the skin and even cure for the common cold. Now the brand offers tool to tone up the skin, add it to a bath for relaxation of muscles, and apply to body as a light perfume. And to understand the smell of water, just imagine the flowering gardens of Sicily.

Lotion-tonic “rose Petals” for dry and sensitive skin, Clean Line

Лосьон-тоник «Лепестки розы» для сухой и чувствительной кожи, Чистая Линия

Clean Line, as always, pleased with honest natural ingredients – lotion-tonic main “heroes” became the decoction and the extract of rose petals. However, the fragrance on the grass is not similar – it is rather a mix of a bouquet of roses and some children’s facilities with a candy aroma. For dry and sensitive skin tonic fits perfectly – does not irritate and does not dry, leaving it moist and fresh (after his face and wants to touch). Not to mention the convenient size of the bottle volume of 100 ml and begs to “settle” in the bag for travel.

Active Pureness tonic, comfort zone

Тоник Active Pureness, comfort zone

Stated tonic for problematic, oily and acne-prone skin – I’m among the “lucky ones”! Wow-effect means – matting effect. After washing, I always wipe his face, and never felt the unpleasant sensations of tightness.

The main task of tonic – restores pH level. Will tell how it works on your example. A few weeks ago I did a test on the moisture level of the skin. It showed 34%. Since then, my beauty routine was only one change: it appeared a tonic. Two weeks later a completely different result – 78%. I would venture to suggest that the same result can be achieved using any other toner. But I had a mutual love with Comfort zone, which I anything else will not change!

Toning lotion with iris extract, Clarins

Тонизирующий лосьон с экстрактом ириса, Clarins

Actively test this stuff and expect not to break up with him before the summer heat. Let’s see how the tool will react on the skin. Now I apply it 2-3 times a day after cleansing and before applying moisturizer. Two important facts: inflammation of the skin has become smaller, the pores in T-zone like less noticeable.

Tonic have a very light floral scent – a mix of iris and sage (the main ingredients). But the alcohol in it, so the skin does not dry. Highly recommend this toner if you have combination and oily skin!

Multi toner, Multi Active Toner, Dermalogica

Мультиактивный тонер Multi Active Toner, Dermalogica

Just note that it is a toner (not toner! ), therefore, it must be applied in the final purification. My scheme: micellar water, toner and then the toner is to hydrate. Means in the form of a spray, so it can be used instead of thermal water during the day, if you want to refresh and moisturize the skin. This is a great anti-stress: one tap and you are immersed in a berry-floral haze from extracts of lavender, elderflower, lemon balm and Arnica. But if you have sensitive skin, the toner also will calm her down, thanks to a concentrate of aloe Vera in the composition!

Toner Toner Balancing Refreshing, Nairian

Тонер Toner Balancing Refreshing, Nairian

The first eco-friendly brand from Armenia Nairian appeared in Russia in the past year. It’s a family company. Its founders are former programmers of Silicon valley Ara and Anait Markosian. The family own the farm on 5. 5 hectares – it is here that grows a large part of the facilities components Nairian.

I went for a test toner Balancing Refreshing and at the first application I found myself (no, not in the Armenian highlands), and in my grandmother’s rose garden. The main component means a distillate of damask rose. With cucumber extract and allantoin they are great to hydrate and refresh my skin. Plus, there are no alcohol, so the toner can not overdry!

Tonic for dry and sensitive skin Bioregene Fluide, Methode Cholley

Тонизирующее средство для сухой и чувствительной кожи Bioregene Fluide, Methode Cholley

Bioregene Fluide – not a classic liquid tonic. Remedy Methode Cholley consistency is more like gel. It is instantly absorbed, moisturizing and slightly tightening the skin. Bioregene Fluide – nutrient “cocktail” of amino acids, hyaluronic acid, bearberry extract, Riboflavin and other nutrients. After using it, the cream is optional – easily solves the problem and toning, and power from the owners of oily skin. Have Bioregene Fluid no smell: Hyper-sensitive “noses” say thank you. Day paint a vehicle instead of base makeup – concealer fits perfectly.

Soothing toner with rose water, Garnier

Успокаивающий тоник с розовой водой, Garnier

With tonics Garnier I have a long love. In high school and University, I showered myself with toner in the blue bottle from the “Clean skin”. He promised to get rid of blackheads and greasy and always (always! ) rescued: frosted, dried and inflammation is removed makeup residue. I was not even embarrassed by the obvious smell of alcohol. But now leather has become less thankful for such aggressive attack (and the priorities have changed: instead of mattifying effect – refreshing, instead of removing makeup with one tool – a multi-care and restoring the pH level), so had to go on a soothing toner with rose water. I apply it after washing skin (alcohol there), cool refreshing (I advise you to take vacation), leaves no sticky layer, but prepares the skin for application of moisturizer and just great spring-like smells!

Tonic botanical kinetic toning mist Aveda

Тоник botanical kinetic toning mist, Aveda

Refreshing and invigorating facial toner from Avene restores balance and controls sebum. The spray is very light with a pleasant herbal scent. Texture similar to normal water, but very refreshing. Leaves no sticky layer, absorbs in just a few seconds. Use it before applying the cream or just to refresh the skin throughout the day. It is important that it does not cause acne, tightens the skin, making it soft and moisturized.

Tonic for face “Fresh Moisture” Yves Rocher Hydra Vegetal Hydrating Toner

Тоник для лица «Свежее Увлажнение» Yves Rocher Hydra Vegetal Hydrating Toner

Facial toner Hydra Végétal is included in the same line of moisturizers Yves Rocher. It is 9 bottles, whose main task is to moisturize the skin even 24, all 48 hours! The main component of the series – the extract of cellular water Edulis. The researchers chose it for the ability to accumulate and trap moisture in all layers of the skin. Products of this line contain mineral oil, dyes and parabens.

Tonic I remove the remains of makeup in the evening and refresh skin in the morning. Apply it before using the cream (day or night). My findings after two weeks of use: peeling and tightness is gone!

Botanical Beauty Toner Balancing Rose, Ginger and Chamomile, Grown Alchemist

Botanical Beauty Balancing Toner Rose, Ginger and Chamomile, Grown Alchemist

Grown Alchemist is another Australian brand that has recently appeared in Russia. Me first, of course, attracted minimalistic bottle (which already adorns the bathroom), and then the origin of the brand. In addition to the classic story about the organic components, the brothers Keston and Jeremy Mujica – creators of the brand have focused on their own development. For wise composition of funds is a team of chemists who invent ways safe for the environment receiving the peptides, antioxidants, hyaluronic acid. For example, in the structure of tonic, which I tested, there are extracts of olive oil and chamomile, ginseng and aloe Vera, vitamin C. the Latter is meant to fight free radicals, but I’ll report back after a couple months of use. What can I say now: after using the skin more smooth (even smoother), redness is not visible, the tone smoother. Apply makeup on a “blank canvas” – a pleasure!

Facial toner Vital Falls Valmont

Тоник для лица Vital Falls, Valmont

One of the means of cleansing line of Valmont – the thermal water from the Water Falls – we have tested on BeautyHack (read review here). Very briefly: it removes light makeup and soothes the skin. Have Vital Falls tonic task is a little different – it moisturizes the skin, removes dull complexion, and preparing for the application of the cream. From myself I will advise to use the tool, if you feel that the skin needs to be nourished, rapid rehabilitation, and the rest (or, on the contrary, cheerful mood for the day). Apply the product with your hands or a cloth. If you choose the first method, you can do a light massage. To help out, and if the skin is a small inflammation that after using the tone definitely smoother!

Balance facial toner Perfect Balancing Toner, 3Lab
Баланс-тоник для лицаPerfect Balancing Toner, 3Lab

As he sang Kylie Minogue’s love at first… not breath, but the scent – smells tonic indescribably beautiful. Inexpressible because it’s not the flowers, not fruit, and not grandma’s first aid kit, and not chemistry. And something special and very tasty (the same smell in many other products, the brand, by the way, has never personally, I’m not disappointed).

Tonic tightens, does not cause redness and is not oily – good for those who like a light, “watery” formula.

Refreshing effect on 10 out of 10 too moisturizing after toning with cotton pad I had low glow of the schoolgirl, and the mood of the graduate.

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