May 19, 2024

14 best remedies against hair electrification

Withup the serum with the effect of hair oil, elixir for smoothness, which not kills the volume, a serum that will bring the curls up after a rain and hats and quickly pacified electrified strands – BeautyHack editors chose for you best tools that will save your hair with the onset of winter.

Healing elixir 3D Styling Rejuvenating Elixir, Nioxin

Marche Nioxin trust unconditionally – once their system care has helped me to recover after the global hair loss. Potion brand is met then: for example, the means for increasing the diameter of the hair gently Diaboost will love all the girls, hungry for volume and density – sure.

Serious restore my curls don’t need, but it is unlikely to happen – especially when the cold season you turn into a continuous electric discharge, and the hair sticking out in different directions. Usually this means that they do not have enough moisture (previously had a slightly wet comb to tame the raging strands). Rejuvenating Elixir that is the problem and decides – deeply moisturizes the hair, giving texture and making it manageable.

Восстанавливающий эликсир 3D Styling Rejuvenating Elixir, Nioxin

In the composition is glycerine, safflower oil and panthenol. The volume is not affected, this took care of LightPlex technology – locks out air and lush. Take note of the tips and replace elixir usual styling it can even be applied to the hair at the roots, lifting them while blow-drying.

Finish-cream for hair styling Sublimate, Sebastian

Финиш-крем для укладки волос Sublimate, Sebastian

Professional tools brand love mutual love for five years – they helped to recover “dead” hair to grow long (as read here).

My stacking “own production” is not the imagination for beautiful hair, always go to the salon. But often I don’t have this possibility (plus, it’s quite expensive). The maximum that I should be able to pull strands of hair or to make light waves. But the closer to winter, the less likely even that the hair begins shining, turning me into a cloud of baby hair (especially when taking the cap off).

Gloss the styling is not attached – rather the other way around. Obviously, I’ll need assistance (thermal and volume not saved). But the styling should be simple – inflicted, dried, Packed to – go. If you need more, then it is a claim to a Pro.

And if you agree with me, please note this cream. Remedy once or twice will add smoothness and Shine to hair, saving them from discharges.

Please note that the finish – it must be applied to dry hair before styling or drying. But a tube can be put on Desk and allow the hair in order during the day – the tool works perfectly and does not stick hair, even if the head you washed yesterday, not 10 minutes ago.

Cream for final styling Frizz Ease Secret Agent, John Frieda

Крем для финальной укладки Frizz Ease Secret Agent, John Frieda

With the arrival of the first cold are all concerned about dryness, and I was high humidity. I have slightly curly hair, but naturally they are not curled into beautiful curls – hair is more like chaos in the style of Bridget Jones. When the rainy season begins and sleet, styling pigeonholed – they either do not work or make the tresses in matted tangles.

But there are days when styling is vital – so to me and got the cream of the British brand. Reviews means a lot, and mostly they are positive, which is not strange. The brand had a lot of lines for different hair types – every girl can find something that will help with the curls (whether they’re thin, dry, thick or unruly).

The base cream is a nourishing formula c avocado oil. The tool manages to “tame” the curls and keep the effect even in conditions of high humidity.

Dry hair, squeeze a small amount of cream and distribute on length – to touch the silk strands become. See a healthy glow after the salon care – a nice bonus that will make even a very simple installation chic.

Intense smoothing Styling cream Texture Tame It Sleeking Cream, Londa Professional

Интенсивный разглаживающий крем Styling Texture Tame It Sleeking Cream, Londa Professional

With the onset of cold weather my hair becomes unruly to style it, put a lot of effort.

Choose tools with a light texture, which care about the health of the hair. This tool will cope well even with the whimsical curls, smoothing and softening them.

The balanced composition of the cream not only smooth the hair, removing excess fluffiness, but will also moisturize them (there provitamins B5). The cream and added more UV filters. I think you don’t need them in the winter? Wrong.

Apply a small amount of cream to wet hair after shampooing and stack as usual. Strands become smooth from bad gun not a trace remains. Importantly, the tool does not weigh down and does not stick, and for greater effect, apply it on dry hair, then make a blow-dryer or Ironing.

Leave-in serum for monitoring the smoothness of Frizz Dismiss FPF 30 Instant Deflate, Redken

Несмываемая сыворотка для контроля гладкости волос Frizz Dismiss FPF 30 Instant Deflate, Redken

On behalf of many girls with frizzy hair will tell you – our strands of love means silicones (but the right one – which doesn’t make curls icicles). Only they are able to tame hair and give them a light texture, smooth and shiny.

The composition of this medium is dimethiconol, but together with the oil procacci (distinguished, among other things, the components among middle and premium beauty segment) gives a great effect of smoothing without losing volume!

Apply the product on towel-dried hair – the texture is very buttery, so squeeze just a couple of peas at a medium length. Land strands with round brush and get volume at the roots, but the texture and smoothness of the length.

Now the hair is actively shove from moisture, is to be caught in the rain – all the morning’s effort wasted, so I use oil during the day to smooth the cuticle. I like that the serum coats the hair, and can bring them into order – a cap and rain it is not terrible (especially if you choose one of these hairstyles).

Nourishing spray antistatic Invigo Nutri-Enrich, Wella Professionals

Питательный спрей-антистатик Invigo Nutri-Enrich, Wella Professionals

Even the most unpretentious hair is a bad day no matter how you try, the styling does not work. Strands sticking out in different directions, as static electricity from conventional combs or a new sweater.

And here you are standing in front of a mirror holding a hair dryer and a round brush (and maybe a Styler), and in the eyes of despair. Do not worry and go for the spray-antistatic. The tool is easy to apply, its texture resembles liquid cream-gel, but dispenser is a dispenser.

The main action, as stated in the title, prevention of effect of statics. Apply to damp, towel-dried hair, focusing on ends. And style as usual.

In addition to the main action, the tool does not forget to care for your hair. Included in the special complex Nutri-Enrich with Goji berries, jojoba oil (it is responsible for strengthening the entire length), vitamin E (protects against damage – changes in temperature when laying spare no one) and oleic acid, moisturizing hair is immodest.

Advice – try before you buy in the store. From spray bright smell of the perfume, which fades slightly in drying. But before purchasing, listen to the flavor, especially if odors annoy you.

Smoothing hair serum On Satin Anti-frizz Serum, Londa Professional

Разглаживающая сыворотка для волос Satin On Anti-frizz Serum, Londa Professional

The tool is a godsend for women whose hair are living their lives: shove, electrified and did not want to take shape.

I have to say, the serum won’t fix the hair, but it will smooth them after washing. If your damaged after dyeing or become brittle with cold will help keep them moisturized and to restore the structure.

The facility pleasant oily texture, but sticky feeling not. The strands will not stick together after application – safely apply after wash, dry and go to work.

The effect of the means can be compared with the action of hair oil that will appeal to girls with thin weak strands in the serum does not weigh down them, giving visual smoothness and softness.

Moisturiser Hydrate System Professinal

Увлажняющая эмульсия Hydrate, System Professinal

Moisturizing hair in the cold season comes to the fore – strands dry from the heat in the room, from the cold and drop in temperature (especially if you don’t wear a hat). Dryness is a direct road to electrification and gun, so with the onset of cold stock up on moisturizers.

This season chose the emulsion with a long spout-spout (it is convenient – does not consume unnecessary). Click and see the arm of a dense foam that is growing on the eyes.

Apply the tool across the length and let the hair soak it for a few minutes. Was washed with warm water, dried with a Hairdryer. The curls themselves are stacked in a beautiful hairstyle and become soft to the touch.

The tool promises to rid you of electrification, but does it with deep moisture.

I use emulsion 2 times a week when you know that there will be no time for styling. Land hair, neatly combed – it turns very easily and naturally.

Leave-in cream is a primer for hair Diamond Strength, TRESemmé

Несмываемый крем-праймер для волос Diamond Strength, TRESemmé

The founder of the brand says: the confidence woman gets only when she is happy with their hair. It is one of the first to offer girls salon care, which is easy to use at home with that kind of money laying almost always turns out perfect.

If you love to experiment with hairstyles, pay attention to this tool. The cream provides an excellent base for laying of any complexity – from smooth strands to surround the beam. From sticking out in all directions hairs tool removes “cheers” and the hair becomes silky.

A nice “side” effect – power locks and strengthening of the structure from the roots (which is important – if the roots are weak, the strands will become thinner and no styling will save the position).

Tool economical – two taps is enough to spread the cleaner on the average length. And the cream smells good, candy. The flavor is not active, but will remain on the hair (will help to warm the soul during the season of winds).

Fluid-filler for damaged hair Kedr&Rose Elastin, Planeta Organica

Флюид-филлер для ослабленных волос Kedr&Rose Elastin, Planeta Organica

Even if your hair is picture of health and consistency, in the autumn and winter, they need extra protection. Even a luxurious head of hair dry and weaker in the cold season – just deal with it. And the sooner you let the hair with extra care, the better the hair will look to spring (I checked).

Since the beginning of November enter into my beauty diet skin care serum and fluids is time consuming, but the result is: strands become soft and smooth, less break and longer hold moisture.

This fluid works on the principle of filler – fills in the hair, Podlachia damaged areas and making the curls tighter. The most effect will be felt for ladies with fine and thin locks, and to consider the strong hair remedy vitamins that need to be taken for prevention.

In the fluid most captivating part of the tool made on the basis of hydrolate Siberian cedar. So a small bottle will find cool cocktail of vitamins A, B, D, E and proteins. Elastin Daurian rose, which is grown in Transbaikalia, gives the hair to break and makes them smooth, not “killing” the volume. Oil of juniper gives hair fatty acids, why they become soft, but not look dirty.

And for dessert – hyaluronic acid, which deeply moisturizes the hair. PS the Effect is particularly noticeable if you use the fluid regularly.

Smoothing balm Smooth Styler Bk, I. C. O. N.

Разглаживающий бальзам-стайлер Bk Smooth, I. C. O. N.

With the arrival of cold weather I always have problem – the hair begins to curl and shining that does not add the image of elegance. Join the battle, but most often lose. So the balm-effect of styling were skeptical and thought that nothing could tame my curls.

But the tool failed, mainly due to the composition. Amino acid complex improves the elasticity of the strands and Biotin reduces static, locks are becoming silk.

Apply the product on wet hair, as advised by the manufacturer, the land without a dryer, put the flat iron. The effect you see immediately – the hair is shiny, easier to comb, blow-lasts longer without fixing. The gun is also not harmful – even on curly hair. The tool does not smooth out the tight curls completely, but ladies with straight hair will fit it 100%.

Nail hair, Keratin Smooth, TRESemmé

Лак для укладки волос Keratin Smooth, TRESemmé

Hairspray – the constant attribute of my routine for styling hair (without his hair even with styling strong hold will not live until the evening). With the first frost usually come with the rain (and sometimes snow) and the usual remedy is unable to cope – need a varnish that will hold the hair in place. But most of them just glues the strands, and the difference in temperature the situation becomes really dire, the hair is weakened and more broken.

The situation is not hopeless – just need to find the right tool. American brand inspires trust – the brand offers products for home care with effect salon. In addition, the line used by the stylists of the Fashion Weeks, where the hairstyles of the models most importantly – vitality and naturalness.

Paint well fix her hair, but the effect of “until the morning” don’t wait. But smoothes strands well – the formula is based on keratin, which coats hair with an invisible layer smoothes the bumps and blemishes of hairstyles.

Razlivali balm “Goodbye, beam”, Organic Kitchen

Разлаживающий бальзам «Goodbye, пучок», Organic Kitchen

The brand is loved for effective means available segment – there is always the opportunity to try something new. Especially like the tools from the new collection with bloggers – beauty guru of the Russian Runet themselves participated in the creation of funds. They can be trusted bloggers trying countless amount of money and know exactly what’s missing from the beauty market!

Our editorial staff loved several tools (experience you can read here). I got the balm with the intriguing title. In the winter my hair pushatsya, and the beam is the most frequent type of hairstyle. But the soul asks of diversity and the loose curls that beautifully, comes out of the hat. But in the active chart has no time for household chores is saved on all fronts.

A balm with a consistency of cream apply after shampoo and wash off after a couple of minutes. Dry hair, comb and happy with it, see the Shine, smoothness, feel the softness (and refreshing).

Aroma of tropical coconut even notice the surrounding. Said beam goodbye, unravel braids and went to conquer the world with your hair down is much simpler.

Hair mask Tasty food Eau Extreme Mango, Organic Kitchen

Маска для волос Вкусное питание Eau Extreme Mango, Organic Kitchen

Delicious means of the brand attract attention on the shelves in the store. Neat jars with simple but interesting design I want to try everything – the good, the price means very affordable.

Open the lid and starts a bounty – a heavenly delight. The mask smells like a ripe mango, which if you cut in a hot city. But this is not the only advantage funds. It has the consistency of thick cream, and two use – apply as a mask on the entire length, leave for 5-10 minutes, or as a balm – rinse with cold water after 1-2 minutes to further “seal” the cuticle of the hair.

If you have dry or thin hair, moisturizing is not enough, it is better to resort to more heavy artillery. But in the cold will be an excellent supportive care, which will vary the usual routine (the smell just will not let sad).

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