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Onosnovatelnee PR Agency national PR and Studio improvements figure Healthy Ballers told, that loves bronzer from the Tom Ford and what body cream will make the skin velvety and elastic.

Cellulite cream for body Anti-cellulite Cream, Celltense

I spend a lot of time skin care – for me the question in the daily beauty routine is in the first place. I love to try new tools and are constantly in search of “perfect”. To please me is extremely difficult – I’m demanding butyric. Cream Celltense liked from the first application.

The texture, the smell, the effect – everything is fine. The main active ingredients – Shea butter, jojoba oil and other useful components. They provide good hydration, stimulates metabolic processes in the skin and make it more elastic.

Антицеллюлитный крем для тела Anti-cellulite Cream, Celltense

Now I’m attending manual nanotherapy Celltense in my Studio Healthy Ballers, and the cream complements it, enhancing the effect (it is, incidentally, noticeable as early as two weeks after the start of use).

Vegetable energy with superfudge Energy Elixir, Hey Day

Растительный энергетик с суперфудами Energy Elixir, Hey Day

I love the news. This includes Superfoods that restoring order “inside”, and this cannot but affect the appearance, condition skin and hair. By the way, I’m sure soon they will start to drink it all until we finally came the fashion for a healthy lifestyle proper nutrition. Vegetable energy drink increases the performance (especially important in winter), helps to relieve fatigue and improve metabolism. Energy Elixir contains the composition of milled camu camu berries, guarana extract, coconut, chopped fruit delight. What you need for cold weather. Among the ingredients you will find sugar, flavorings and colorings. It is important for those who follow the figure.

The Ile D’amour perfume, Fragonard

Парфюм Ile D’amour, Fragonard

Perfume is my weakness, and the secret of a good mood. This fragrance leaves no one indifferent. When I put it around always ask what it’s for miracle perfume. He’s incredibly persistent. Three or four days left on clothes and skin. Notes of Lily of the valley, Jasmine, sirens and sea salt perfect for cashmere sweaters.

Bronzingpowder Bronzing Powder, Tom Ford

Бронзирующая пудра Bronzing Powder, Tom Ford

This bronzer is a legend that I love all makeup artists and bucholic. I’m not a fan of contouring, but this just captivated me. He has a lovely texture – evenly placed and not rolled, as well as beautiful, the “correct” color. Highlight of the cheekbones – it looks very natural.

Ampoules’oreal Perfect Glow, Babor

Ампулы «Идеальное Сияние» Perfect Glow, Babor

Vials as a magic wand that instantly transforms tired skin into radiant and smooth. Laboratory Babor

developed a tool for protection from the digital age. What is it? I have noticed that after a long work behind the computer, not only tired eyes? The skin also reacts to the radiation loss of elasticity and other “charms”. Ampoules help to avoid this. Main active components – polysaccharides and peptides Perfection Peptides P3 to activate the exfoliating and neutralizing the effect of blue light.

Concealer TheConcealer, LaMer

Консилер The Concealer, La Mer

This sos is a tool that one motion removes dark circles under the eyes. If in the evening I was working late or came in late from the event, in the morning, he will save me without any “but”. The tool fits perfectly, “merging” with the tone of the skin. The concealer is quite dense, but it is not felt on the skin. Removes even severe redness and bruises!

Brow gel Brow Now, Estée Lauder

Гель для бровей Brow Now, Estée Lauder

This tool is always with me. I am deeply convinced that the “right” eyebrows can save any makeup. His master brovista not change for four years. In between visits to it, use gel from Estée Lauder (11 facts about the company, read here). The tool perfectly fills in the gaps and perfectly captures.

Natural cleanser Natural Essential Oil, Africology

Натуральное средство для умывания Natural Essential Oil, Africology

Recently returned from South Africa, where he met with the local brand Africology. And fell in love. The main feature of means – a large number of essential oils in the composition. In the gel, for example, the main acting ingredient is Marula oil, known for its antioxidant and moisturizing properties. For me, the perfect gel. Perfectly cleanses the skin, leaving no feeling of tightness. And when using it seems that you are in an expensive SPA-salon – real aromatherapy.

Foundationcream Maestro Fusion by Giorgio Armani

Тональный крем Maestro Fusion, Giorgio Armani

It really is the best concealer. Many professional makeup artists prefer to him. The tool is able to visually improve the condition of any skin without creating a mask effect (best makeup that will hide any flaws, see here). Can be applied by brush, sponge or fingertips in any will fit perfectly. My advice is attentive to the choice of color. It needs to be not too bright and not too dark. If missed, mix with other medium. For example, a light tone can make darker with bronzer.

The Lip Medex, Blistex

Бальзам для губ Lip Medex, Blistex

It is time unequal fighting with chapped and dry lips. My assistant in this case – the gel Lip Medex. It is simply stunning “winter” composition. Among the ingredients you will find the cocoa butter, camphor, lanolin, castor oil – all that protects delicate skin from the harsh frost. I so fell in love with the means of well-known American brand that decided to bring them to his Studio Healthy Ballers. Search for on the shelves!

Eye cream “global protection” Premier Cru, Caudali

Крем для глаз «Глобальная защита» Premier Cru, Caudali

The skin around the eyes is very sensitive and needs special care. I try to pamper it with a nourishing funds with good moisturizing properties. Caudali cream absorbs quickly and instantly soothes puffiness – note of all all-nighters. The main achievement of the laboratory Caudali – viniferin – molecule from the grape vine. She is responsible for the bleaching effect. An additional ingredient that improves blood circulation, the caffeine. Use morning and evening. Great result!

Pencilforlips with 24/7 Glide-On Lip Pencil, Urban Decay

Карандаш для губ 24/7 Glide-On Lip Pencil, Urban Decay

Lip usually use two pencils. Love to use the brown contour shade and a cotton swab, and the surface is painted pale pink. It gives it volume. Pencils like Urban Decay resistance, ease to use and a great feather.

Texturizing spray Working Texture Spray-Show Beauty

Текстурирующий спрей Working Texture Spray, Show Beauty

I don’t like and rarely use styling products, but texturizing spray English brand Show Beauty is suits me. It perfectly captures, providing mobility and not sticky. Using the spray you can also give a basal volume and visually make your hair thicker. Includes a patented complex of polymers and minerals, they provide the conditioning effect. The facility is very pleasant smell that stays for a long time.

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