April 20, 2024

13 Best Silk Bedding Sheets

Winter is here, and that means the best silk bedding sets are once more creeping onto our minds as we head to the homewares checkout

Struggling to maintain the perfect temperature while sleeping? Being too hot or cold stopping you from getting some shut-eye? That’s where silk bedding comes in.

We’ve been ramping and raving about the benefits of silk pillowcases for a while now, but switching your duvet covers (and even duvets, if you’re feeling really fancy) to the luxe fabric seems like a bit of a no brainer.

What are the benefits of silk bedding?

Silk is highly breathable — particularly if you opt for pure silk bedding — with thermal control properties that’ll keep you from being chilly in the winter and overheating in the summer. You no longer have to switch to the ‘cold side’ of the pillow every few minutes, nor keep one leg out of the covers to even the temperature — silk bedding works together with your body to regulate the heat. What’s more, the proteins in silk bedding are effectively absorbent and help to liberate you, your mattress topper and your mattress of moisture (read: sweat).

Where cotton and other materials can sometimes trap heat and sweat, silk naturally releases it.

And it’s not just an ability to keep you the perfect temperature that silk bedding sheets boasts. Silk bed sheets actually pose a whole plethora of advantages to your skin and hair, too. Need proof? By nature, silk contains sericin that works hard to prevent the accumulation of melanin on your skin, helping you avoid pigmentation. Silk also absorbs less moisture (plus dirt and oil) than cotton, which means it’s a hygienic choice for acne sufferers. By the same token, it won’t absorb your skincare products, so they’ll actually stay on your face overnight and get to work as they should.

Elsewhere, the soft and smooth nature of silk enables your skin and hair to ‘glide’ across the surface, avoiding friction and eliminating wrinkles, pulled hair and bed head. It’s no wonder every beauty guru around is jumping on the bandwagon and adding a silk bedding set to their boudoir.

Are silk sheets worth it?

When you compare silk to more common fabrics for bedding, such as cotton or polyester, silk bedding comes out on top. While cotton has to go through a process to be deemed hypoallergenic, silk is naturally so. Cotton is great at absorbing moisture, but it tends to hold it instead of emitting it like silk, which naturally synchronises with the heat of your body.

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