April 12, 2024

13 autumn fashion trends we guarantee we’ll all be wearing very, very soon

Forever one step ahead – or, more specifically, one season ahead – fashion fans, buyers and editors alike have had their eyes on autumn/winter 2021 ever since the major fashion houses put on their seasonal showcase back in February as part of AW21 Fashion Week.

While the majority of the UK is still waiting for summer 2021 to really take hold and hoping that the single roasting hot weekend we all basked in last month wasn’t *it*, the fashion world is, true to form, over it.

Of course, what with the pandemic still being at its peak, it was a very different affair. But having dipped their well-dressed toes in the world of ‘digital presentations’ and ‘socially-distanced runways’ the September before to showcase SS21 collections, February saw a more confident, well-prepared format.

A confidence which was undoubtedly reflected within the clothes themselves, this autumn’s fashion outlook is a bold, fearless one. It seems that after over a year spent at home in tracksuits – both designers themselves and their customers – the teams behind these brands are forecasting somewhat of a sartorial revival come autumn.

But while the season is set to host a far punchier aesthetic than the last few, there are subtle design details within the major trends that serve as a nod to recent times.

From full-length maxi knits – which will replace that cosy one-piece you spent last winter in – to high-voltage OUT out gear that’s layered atop a cosy turtleneck or beneath a knitted vest, this season is all about statement-making looks that don’t entirely forgo our newfound focus and prioritisation of all things comfortable.

Of course, there *are* a small number of trends that entirely prioritise visual impact above all else. After all, does anything encourage enthusiasm for post-pandemic life more than a full fuchsia look, head-to-toe glitter or teeny tiny mini skirts?

There’s a balance to be struck here, with trends fit for every end of the sartorial spectrum as we all begin to tentatively navigate our own lockdown exit and set our own boundaries to suit the world’s new normal…

Ready to plan for your autumn wardrobe?

Here are the 13 AW21 trends that we’ll all be falling for next season (or sooner, if summer fails to return! )…

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