May 19, 2024

12 best remedies for the body with warm aromas

Andptichnoe milk, the first series of treatments for the body from Dr. Jart+ and bestselling from Dove and Сlarins – funds for any taste and budget from the editors BeautyHack!

Body lotion Melograno by Santa Maria Novella

My principle of choice of funds to a single body – that quickly absorbed, well-moisturize dry skin and will not leave greasy marks on clothes. Got out of the shower, he smeared, “jumped” into the clothes and ran. To the pharmacy cosmetics Florentine brand with a history of treated tenderly and with great respect.

Santa Maria Novella pharmacy, which appeared in Florence 400 years ago. Today, it is a perfume and pharmaceutical house, which cherishes old traditions and recipes. For me “calling card” of the brand – heavenly scent that is associated with purity and comfort. It is not to be confused!

Milk in a beautiful bottle made of frosted glass tried one cold autumn morning before the flight: came out of the shower and hastily made arrangements to test. The texture actually resembles milk, but more dense (almost like kefir 1% fat). Do not be greedy and boldly apply: absorbed for a couple of minutes, despite the “oil” part of (the formula contains cocoa butter and avocado oils, beeswax, vitamin E, orange and rose water).

Молочко для тела Melograno, Santa Maria Novella

Milk moisturizes the skin, tones it and softens. Distribute massage movements on the whole body and enjoy the warm aroma: note that it is intense and persistent, and can easily “kill” the smell of perfume. So it was with me: after 12 hours of flight felt a gentle plume Melograno.

Nourishing body cream “Pistachio”, Skinfood

Питательный крем для тела «Фисташка», Skinfood

Recently I got up to let the true and bought a gym membership for 25 months. And bonus it had a new beautician with good body cream. Them and share with you!

I love the nutty flavor – whether it’s syrup in a coffee, glass of almond milk in the morning or body cream from Skinfood. The tools are dense in texture. I don’t like: heavily absorbed, leave stains on clothes. But all this is not about “Pistachio”: to apply and melts like butter; instantly disappears from the skin and smells divine. Even my sports “teammates” asked what kind of cream is this. Smell the smell, but the composition of funds is great: vitamins, minerals, fiber, and Shea butter which creates a barrier in the form of a light film and saves it from peeling.

And 200 ml of cream is enough for a couple of months of active daily use. Suggest to apply the cream immediately after showering on damp (but not wet) body for better absorption and hydration.

Body lotion Peach Orchard My Body Essence, Frudia

Молочко для тела My Orchard Peach Body Essence, Frudia

Frudia – as always lovely! Honest, tasty, juicy and straight to the point – starting with the packaging and ending with composition. What else to expect from the brand, on the concept which in South Korea pored 30 years, and then went for it based on all of the funds have not water (even though she’s still present), and fruit extracts, cold pressed. The composition of the milk I found six plant extracts and three “workers” of the oil. On the skin this mix behaves well: it is quickly absorbed without stickiness, smells like juicy peach, but not sugary-sweet, and the holiday fresh!

Nourishing care for the body, Caudalie

Питательный уход для тела Caudalie

For several years the brand Caudalie appeared a devoted fan in my face, ready to try everything new and squeal with delight. Nourishing care for the body – the vehicle that caused the tachycardia from the first application. Not greasy, spreads easily and smells of Provence. Thick milk contains nutrient components that are particularly relevant in the cold: grape seed oil, Ginkgo biloba extract, glycerin. The ingredients begin to work immediately, restoring dehydrated skin to life – it becomes as smooth as Italian silk. The care has a cumulative effect. After a week of use skin is less scaly and becomes more elastic. Another plus in the Treasury Caudalie: reduces redness and calms – you can put in a suitcase, if anyone going to sea (jealous! ).

Rich body cream Ceramidin Body Butter, Dr. Jart+

Насыщенный крем для тела Ceramidin Body Butter, Dr. Jart+

All editorial BeautyHack in love with funds from the Korean brand Dr. Jart+. Their mask-shakers and BB concealers (of which you can read here) has proven itself as care, instantly transforms the skin.

Now Dr. Jart+ takes care of the body – in early autumn, the brand has released the first line with products based on ceramides. These components, forming a lipid barrier on the skin, especially needed in the cold season. Without a doubt, Sunny yellow-white collection of body oils, lotion, scrub, hand cream and shower gel will save from dryness and improve skin elasticity.

I have completely switched to Ceramidin Body Wash, and now met with “butter” (aka – rich body cream). Admittedly, with such means I have a strained relationship – much easier to apply liquid oil on damp skin after a shower, a quick DAB with a towel and run to get dressed. Also if you do not like to wait until the cream is absorbed, the cure for Dr. Jart+ you like – it can be applied to damp skin like butter. And for those who loves nutritious, but fatter, suggest to use on dry skin, generously scooping from the jar. Cream melts instantly eliminates discomfort and dryness, – and yet leaves a pleasant trail of herbs and lemon.

The tool can be used locally: peeling on my elbows and knees immediately passed, and the skin remains protected throughout the day – any frosts are not terrible.

Body cream with a melting texture Indoceane Silky Smooth Cream, Thalgo

Крем для тела с тающей текстурой Indoceane Silky Smooth Cream, Thalgo

If silk could be enclosed in a tube, it would be a Cream from Thalgo Indoceane. Founded in 1964 cosmetic brand to this day continues to explore useful treasures from the depths of the ocean. The Thalgo laboratory has been developing tools, based on micronized marine algae and collagen, and is also famous for anti-cellulite care (about the best wrote here).

Indoceane series is designed for lovers of home SPA helps to relax and to enjoy a pleasant textures and inviting aromas. At silk cream Thalgo maximum tender texture and sweet flavor with notes of iris and Jasmine. Active ingredients: Shea butter and rice germ, which are responsible for moisturizing; extract relaxing qi-marine (development Thalgo) and Lotus flower extract, soothing the skin.

I apply the cream after a hot bath and massage. Absorbs quickly and leaves a light floral veil.

Body lotion “Tempting strawberry and white chocolate”, Avon

Лосьон для тела «Искушающая клубника и белый шоколад», Avon

Tool from the category of “light Express care” – the texture is rich but not greasy, doesn’t leave a nasty sticky layer on the skin. I liked the practical format means: convenient to take on trips, and in a conventional bag him a place.

I always alternate between a dense butter and cream with something easier – a tool from Avon just for this purpose! The lotion is suitable for those who for fast and efficient hydration and is not against of sweet berry aroma on the skin. Amount enough time, so feel free to apply yogurt-strawberry, not saving.

Deeply moisturizing body cream Moisturizing Body Cream Hydra 24, Lundenilona

Глубоко увлажняющий крем для тела Moisturizing Body Cream Hydra 24, Lundenilona

With the onset of cold weather my skin dries – can’t do without high-quality tools for the correct composition (light lotions with the smell of tropics does not work).

The story of local Russian brand Lundenilona sounds like a fairy tale, which, however, I want to believe! Over the line means started working grandfather, the founder of the Ilona Lunden. Herbalist and naturalist, he “squeezed” from natural ingredients maximum benefits and combined them in the most cunning ways. Ilona herself was cooking for myself and friends the shampoos and conditioners from the age of 15, and later turned a hobby into a profitable business.

The body lotion spreads easily on the skin and absorbs in a few minutes, leaving a moisturizing effect to the end of the day. Me it helps when you turn the heating and the skin begins to signal SOS.

The most important component of the cream – hyaluronic acid. Thanks to the moisture retained in deeper layers of the skin. And penetrates it at the expense of a catalyst of glycerol in the composition. Panthenol soothes irritations, and jojoba oil, macadamia and olive make the skin silky and soft.

The product does not leave a greasy film and smells like – sniff and remember summer evenings in the South, when and favorite perfume, and the smell of the sea, and sweet fruit – a pure delight! If you use cream every day (the volume and flow rate allow), you can forget not only about skin, but about the autumn depression – aromatherapy save!

Moisturizing body balm Tonic, Clarins

Увлажняющий бальзам для тела Tonic, Clarins

Don’t like oily textures – most of the butter lay a greasy film, leaving sticky feeling. But lotions are not suitable to my skin during cold weather – easy “waters,” is quickly absorbed and the dryness appears after a couple of hours. “The Golden mean” was from the French brand Clarins. For fun jar and rich aroma, hide important ingredients: ginseng extract makes the skin supple, and the oil Apple seed-moisturizes and nourishes it. Always use the tool in the morning – oils of geranium, rosewood, mint and rosemary together give an incredible flavor that helps to Wake and energize. What more could you ask for this fall?

Body lotion The Fresh Honey Body Lotion, It’s Skin

Лосьон для тела The Fresh Honey Body Lotion, It's Skin

Brand It’s skin primarily famous for being the first to add a snail to the funds. And dermatologists brand this component has become a superstar in the beauty world! It’s nice that It’s skin also care about ethical issues – their care is not tested on animals.

Lotion The Fresh Honey Body apply after showering. The texture of yogurt, but the smell – honey (real, no “chemistry”). Immediately after the application remains sticky layer, but after a few minutes it is absorbed and disappears, but the means at this time, soothes the skin (e. g. after waxing) and moisturizes.

Pomegranate regenerating body lotion, Weleda

Гранатовое восстанавливающее молочко для тела, Weleda

When choosing the means for the body during cold weather are repelled from three factors: hydration, nutrition, lack of sticky feeling on the skin. Love Weleda for absolute safety in use, neither responded allergies.

Despite the fact that this lotion is marketed as garnet, in the composition of the “bouquet” of valuable oils other vegetable ingredients: sesame, apricot, sunflower, Shea butter, olive, and, finally, pomegranate seed! Imagine how many fatty acids in a 200 ml bottle? ! Why has marked anti-aging – nourishes the cells and protects against external factors (temperature changes, dry air, batteries and air conditioning in the car) that affect the overall condition of the dermis.

The aroma from the funds as expected for the baby plant, but with notes of pomegranate, orange and sandalwood. A real warm autumn in a bottle!

Revitalizing body lotion with coconut oil and almond milk, Dove

Восстанавливающий лосьон для тела с кокосовым маслом и миндальным молоком, Dove

Fresh sheets, washed and laid in a straight row pullovers and, of course, cream, a quarter consisting of moisturizers – what are your associations with one of the most popular brands in Russia?

About the Dove lotion I remember that autumn, when a simple for spring and summer creamy vanilla flavors of the coconut and almonds are suddenly appropriate and even desirable.

The lotion is moderately thick and absorbs within 5-10 minutes. Convenient to use after a workout or pool – skin is smoothed and firmer. But be prepared for the fact that a pronounced coconut flavor left on clothes or pajamas, if you apply it before going to sleep.

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