11 Tweets From Homeschooling Parents That Will Make You Want to Hug a Teacher

It was only on day two with my two kids that one opted to cut her own hair, so I am and will forever be mystified at how teachers actively choose to spend their days caring for not just one or two kids, but upwards of 30 of them.

If there’s one thing I can attest to after a week of homeschooling my children, it’s that this sh*t is hard. Oh, and that teachers are otherworldly saints who deserve million-dollar raises and a Teacher Appreciation Week that lasts for roughly the next 27 years.

And I’m not alone in this sentiment. Parents across Twitter have shared their humble start to this homeschooling journey and have decreed that educators should be paid the same as CEOs and that they all deserve a hug – if only we were allowed to give them one right now.

So, until we can properly thank them in person for their daily acts of service, this collection of appreciative tweets will have to suffice.

Looking for things to do with your kids in lockdown? This list of celebrity-led activities including David Williams and Jamie Oliver is going viral

School’s out and parents around the world are desperately searching for ways to structure the day and entertain their children, while also trying to engage them in school work.

Now, a list of celebrities from best-selling children’s author and TV presenter David Williams to ex countdown mathematician extraordinaire Carole Vorderman and chef with a conscience, Jamie Oliver, have come to the rescue. Along with celebrity trainer Joe Wicks, they have all created individual daily school lessons for free to teach children everything from maths and English to cooking and even PE.

The full list of celebrity lessons has been collated by an unknown source and is spreading like wildfire across parental WhatsApp groups. If you’re a parent desperate for ideas and haven’t been send the list yet – look no further.

You’re welcome.


PE with Joe Wicks


Maths with Carol Vorderman


English with David Walliams


Lunch (cooking with Jamie Oliver)


Music with Myleene Klass


Dance with Darcey Bussel


History with Dan Snow (free for 30-days)


Home Economics with Theo Michaels (Mon/Wed/Fri)

Non-daily events include:

Science with Professor Brian Cox, Robin Ince Guests

Geography with Steve Backshall at 9:30am on Wednesday 25th March.

As Editor-in-Chief of GLAMOUR, I’m also working from home and home schooling three children under 10; Jack (9), Kitty (7) and Bobbi (5) and have been doing so for the last nine days. The good news? I haven’t killed anyone. And I still look relatively normal from the outside (with a few extra grey hairs). Read my guide to the best things I’ve discovered to educate, entertain and distract them so far and read our guide to the ultimate isolation activities while you’re at it.

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