May 25, 2024

11 Natural Makeup Looks To Nail A No-Makeup Makeup Look

You can wave goodbye to your full-coverage foundation (for now), because ultra glowy, healthy looking skin and natural makeup looks are pretty much the most timeless and biggest beauty trend this winter.

Cold girl makeup as been dominating our TikTok and Instagram for you pages and they’re both awash with fresh-faced influencers serving up juicy skin, brushed-up brows, a little lash action, maybe a lip balm and not much else — its clear that the attraction comes with how the makeup sits on your skin as if it’s barely there.

Across the beauty-sphere «skinimalism» has gone from a major buzzword to the ideal as brands have seen us shift our focus to upping our skincare, then paring back our makeup to show it off. The gist is a barefaced-but-better vibe. «Oh my skin? Just a bit of moisturiser, pals. » (Let’s just skip the fact it’s tinted).

As for how to nail it like the pros? We asked GLAMOUR columnist and celebrity makeup artist Nikki Wolff, to tell us how it’s done. “If you’re layering a primer, foundation and highlighter, but it always turns out cakey, it’s because you’re not using a light enough touch. ” She adds: “Makeup artists use very little product and lightly apply it to the skin, blending lots as we go. It’s how we can create a glowing base that looks like it’s still skin. ”

Hannah Martin who is best know as being one of the Royal Family’s favourite makeup artists, and even did Princess Eugenie’s bridal makeup, is also a master of a natural and radiant beat also gives her two cents.

“I’ve always believed that the key to natural looking makeup involves prepping your skin well before application and then applying light layers, always creams and liquids first, followed by powder, with the right tools. The right tools really do make all difference not least for ease of application but also for the overall finish. ”

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