11 Easy DIY Room Decor Projects We’re Actually Tempted to Try

Raise your hand if you have a Pinterest board dedicated to DIY projects. Raise your hand if you’ve never attempted to do a single one. We feel you. (As does much of the world, we’d expect).

The hour(s) set aside to do one of them are hour(s) you’re not spending binge-watching Westworld or, you know, doing something productive. Plus, what are the chances the thing you make is going to look as good as the thing in the pin? Still, our neglected Pinterest boards have been looming over us lately.

Inaction doesn’t feel much better than trying and failing. So we’re doing something about it – literally. We’ve compiled 11 DIY projects that a) are useful, b) don’t seem scarily difficult or expensive, and c) look freaking awesome. No more excuses!

“We used simple, abstract brush strokes that are super easy and impossible to mess up.”

“It’s amazing what you can make with air-dry clay. I’ve made jewelry dishes and little bunny bowls, to name a few. It’s so easy to work with.”

“I just got the small sample sizes of paint at the store (Valspar Peach Whisper and Almond Glaze, and Sherwin-Williams Black Fox), and they were more than enough for this type of project.”

“Any guesses what it’s made from? Hint: It just might be as simple as two stacked bowls.”

“Bake in oven for 20 minutes at 350 to set the design (and make it dishwasher safe!).”

“To make this light you’ll need two wire lampshades from the thrift store that are the same size. The uglier the better.”

“We got two very large prints for just $4.50 a piece! So. Dang. CHEAP!”

“I love how the overall effect is a bit like a sunburst mirror.”

“The technique is super easy, making it a good candidate for beginners and anyone who wants something to keep the hands busy while catching up on Netflix, etc.”

“Just find some homely faux plants and jazz them up with paint to give them a new life.”

“It was one of those classic ‘I can make that!’ moments: a DIY that uses just two materials (plus glue).”

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