May 18, 2024

11 Best Reusable Coffee Cups 2023: From KeepCup to Chilly’s

Reusable coffee cups are this year’s must-have accessory. Every year, billions of single-use coffee cups are disposed of across the UK. 2. 5 billion, to be exact. Only one in 400 coffee cups is recycled, which equates to over 30,000 tonnes of landfill waste. And the worst part? This number is only set to increase by a third by 2030.

Sadly, these terrifying stats come as no surprise. As a nation, we drink about 95 million cups of coffee a day, with the average latte stan sipping up an average of two mugs every 24 hours – and popping into your local Pret to get your fix, no prep needed, is convenient. But we have no choice but to get our act together and start using sustainable alternatives, pronto.

Luckily, owning one of the best reusable coffee cups is fashionable. It suggests you care about the planet (cool), shows that you know your brews/beans/blends (also cool) and – if you choose the right one – elevates any office get-up.

So while it’s not just our favourite coffee shops that can serve up a brew worth shouting about (we’re alluding to these amazing coffee subscription services, FYI), heading to your local coffee jaunt armed with a pink Frank Green coffee cup just can’t be competed with. Here’s everything you need to know about the best reusable coffee cups on the market.

The best reusable coffee cups 2023 at a glance:

  1. Best overall: Circular and Co Leakproof Reusable Coffee Cup, £15. 95, Amazon
  2. Best collapsible: STOJO On-The-Go Collapsible Coffee Cup, £12. 99, Amazon
  3. Best glass: KeepCup Cork Brew Reusable 16oz Glass Coffee Cup / Travel Mug, £26, John Lewis
  4. Best leak-proof: Joseph Joseph Sipp Travel Mug, £11. 64, Amazon
  5. Best for tea-drinkers: SoleCup Travel Mug Loose Tea Infuser, £19, Amazon

What is the best reusable coffee cup material?

Most of the reusable coffee cups in this edit are made from glass, bamboo fibre, stainless steel or recyclable plastic. And each material has different benefits. Glass is easy to clean, bamboo fibre is sustainable, stainless steel keeps liquids both hot and cold for time and plastic is lightweight and durable.

How long does a reusable coffee cup last?

If you buy something of good-quality and look after it well (read: wash it thoroughly after every use and prevent it from getting knocked around too much in your bag), the average lifespan of a reusable coffee cup should be around four years. Stainless steel coffee cups will be more durable than glass or plastic.

How we tested the best reusable coffee cups:

I am quite the hot drink obsessive, so testing these reusable coffee cups was nothing short of a joy. There are tonnes of options on the market – including many epic reusable coffee cups which we didn’t get the chance to try – but after scoring on leak protection, design and how well it kept my drink insulated over a period of a few weeks, we’re certain that you won’t be disappointed by these.

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