May 24, 2024

11 Best Curtain Bangs To Help You Nail The Groovy ’70s Trend

“I’m predicting that curtain bangs or fringes will be going strong throughout 2021, as there’s still plenty of people catching up to them,» LA’s coolest hair stylist and trendsetter, Sal Salcedo, told GLAMOUR.

Versatile enough to be swept off to either side to open up your face or drawn closed across your brows (much like curtains), they’re one of the most effortless fringe styles to wear since the slightly longer length at the sides helps to highlight cheekbones.

«They require the lowest maintenance,» says Sal, “as they slowly turn into a nice frame that looks good through any stage. ”

Even better, as hairstyles go, this one’s pretty chill. «The best low-maintenance cut will always be a mid to long haircut with a variation in bangs,» explains Sal. «These are haircuts that can be worn and grown without too much attention and they stay looking strong with you. I only see some of my clients every six months to a year when they have these. »

Of course, curtain bangs aren’t necessarily new. We’ve already seen the French-girl fringe take off and the more minimal approach of slip bangs. But, we’ve noticed the styling heading in a decidedly ’70s direction with luxurious heavy fringes paired with swooshy voluminous styling and other ’70s smash hits like shags, and Farrah Fawcett flips.

But if you still don’t want to commit to the cut, we have good news. You can fake it with some clever styling. A well-placed bend in your hair can give the illusion of a swishy fringe without losing any length.

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