10 Things People, with Anxiety Do But Are Misinterpreted as Rude

The truth is, we often judge people too quickly no matter how hard we try not to. The first impression is usually lasting, so it takes a lot of time to change it. So, if someone is impolite, for example, we make a judgment that they are rude, weird, or not raised right.

However, we have no idea what’s going on in that person’s life right now, and if there’s a logical reason for their behavior. People with anxiety, for example, may seem as rude sometimes when in reality they are the opposite.

10 Things People, with Anxiety Do But Are Misinterpreted as Rude

The coping mechanisms and side effects of their anxiety disorder could make them look impolite while fighting a battle against this difficult condition.

Therefore, we’ve selected a few gestures people with anxiety often do but are misinterpreted as “impolite” or “rude.” We hope they will change the way you see these people and convince you to give them a second chance.

It’s time to be less judgmental and more understanding!

1. When they find an excuse or 100 reasons why they shouldn’t go out even though they have agreed to meet and have fun. They make plans and really believe in them, so when they cancel, they feel both, terrible and relieved at the same time.

2. When they get snappy and nervous, have a harsh or abrupt tone, or blow up over something insignificant. They don’t have the intention to look or sound rude, but it’s their anxiety that makes them feel always on the edge. That’s why sometimes even the smallest thing can push them over.

10 Things People, with Anxiety Do But Are Misinterpreted as Rude

3. When they interrupt you during conversations. Although this habit is really irritating, people with anxiety tend to do it because they think they will forget what they wanted to say two seconds later. This is something that makes them feel bad afterward, but they just can’t help it.

4. When they avoid making eye contact with you while talking or listening. They do this because they can’t handle looking you or anyone else in the eyes while feeling anxious. So, once again, they are not rude!

5. When they stare at their phone in group settings. They are aware that this is impolite and even irritating, but they do it to keep their mind busy when having a bad anxiety day. So, this is one way they help prevent an anxiety attack.

6. When they don’t reply. That’s not because they are rude, but because they can’t relate and understand even though they want to. They worry if their voice will shake, if they will accidentally mispronounce some word, or if they will offend someone.

7. When they distance themselves from people. This might be because they don’t want to waste other people’s time and energy when they are not in their ideal state. In other words, they don’t feel so good about themselves, so they know the other person won’t have fun to spend time with them.

10 Things People, with Anxiety Do But Are Misinterpreted as Rude

8. When they intentionally avoid you in public. They pretend they didn’t see you because they are insecure – they don’t know what to say, or they worry if they will sound stupid or weird. Therefore, don’t think that they don’t want to see you or hear how you are doing. They only have a hard time making small talk.

9. When they are too much sarcastic. This could be their attempt to push you and everyone else away and be left alone.

10. When they babble. Their anxiety can also make them talk nonstop because they are afraid of awkward silence. They think the person they are talking to might think they are annoying, so they can speak even more than normal.

We hope this article will help you to understand people with anxiety more!

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