10 makeup products for blondes

Usedto be a blonde is not easy. In addition to regular visits to the salon for maintenance of a platinum shade of hair will have to update the content and cosmetic. If you decided to spring to radically change the image, our butiki will help to complete the image.

And for blondes, with experience Olga Smirnova, author @makeupmania.ru also the blonde made a list of indispensable tools.

Glowing skin

Blonde hair attracts attention to the face, and it should be perfect. Trend glowing skin with shimmers / highlighters of all shades has shifted to the primers, creating a delicate and more natural illumination of the skin. Blondes should adopt this technique, which allows you to refresh the complexion and give it a noble healthy Shine.

10 средств макияжа для блондинок

New elixir radiance Skin Brightener No. 42 Bobbi Brown – removes dull tone, evens out skin tone, stimulates cell renewal, giving a fresh new look.

Foundation and concealers

Pigmentation, dark circles and bruising, redness and inflammation on the face, framed by blond hair, become more noticeable at times. Can’t do without concealer and good Foundation.

10 средств макияжа для блондинок

Concealers that are high quality camouflage skin imperfections can be found in the range of the brand Benefit. Usually, the choice of concealer all confused because of the variety of shades, but the Benefit for the Russian girls brought just two – Light and Medium, to Light blondes are recommended. To correct the eye area I choose concealer-šajbočka Bo-Ing.

10 средств макияжа для блондинок 10 средств макияжа для блондинок

Liquid Foundation liquid texture, for example, fluid Studio Waterweight SPF 30 Foundation M. A. C or Skin Long-Wear Weightless Foundation Spf 15 Bobbi Brown, creates a resistant weightless coverage, but thanks to intense pigments capable of the same miracles that thick creamy base. To create a porcelain skin, I recommend a best seller Guerlain concealer the lightest texture Lingerie de Peau.

10 средств макияжа для блондинок


10 средств макияжа для блондинок

The choice of eyebrow pencil blonde often poses a challenge. The owners of platinum hair is better to choose pencils and shadows for brows cool grey shades with a grey undertone. Many of even the brightest shades of funds for eyebrows sin reddishness. If no such tones in the hair, this is clearly not the case. Model eyebrow pencil with fine lead, high-quality pigmentation and the right shade looking at the assortment of Make Up For Ever Brow Pencil #10 Light Blond and #20 Blond.


10 средств макияжа для блондинок

It’s all very simple. Blonde girls with blue, grey and green eyes can not do without the iconic Urban Decay Naked palettes, which are picked up bodily, coffee and grey shades of all kinds. For the cosmetic bags will fit the palette of 6 shades of Naked Basics, but at home you can hone skills a Smokey with 12 shades Naked palettes Smoky. But if you need to choose just one palette, I would choose Naked Basics Ultimate consists of 12 matte, velvety shadows.

10 средств макияжа для блондинок

Another versatile palette that will serve faithfully to the blonde for years – Tarteist Amazonian clay palette PRO American brand Tarte. Here you will find matte, semernya and glittery shade in the most appropriate blondes gold, Nodaway and purple tones. As for accents accommodate sparkling turquoise and charcoal.

10 средств макияжа для блондинок

Black thick eyelashes don’t always go for the girls with Golden hair. For daily makeup, you can choose a brown shade of mascara They’re Real Benefit or Vamp! Extreme Pupa Milano.

10 средств макияжа для блондинок

Experiment with color shades of mascara. And if before every self-respecting blonde kept makeup blue mascara, but now the palette for the art of makeup is much more diverse. Special hit top coating for pink eyelashes. Mascara fuchsia can be found at the YSL Beauté Couture Vinyl


10 средств макияжа для блондинок

The blonde is manifest, proclaim it proudly! After all, blondes are so red lipstick! The main components of the image film star of the Golden age of Hollywood – blond hair and red lips. About the perfect red lipstick, you can write dozens of articles and several books, but if in the short version, my favorite vamp shades of red in a matte texture – it’s Ruby Woo by M. A. C (how without it?), Chilli Red Liquid Matte Guerlain KissKiss, 402 Fil Rouge Lip Magner Armani.

10 средств макияжа для блондинок

For a relaxed everyday makeup perfect purple and pink lipsticks, especially popular among blondes vintage shades, the so-called dusty rose, for example, Flaming Rose Guerlain KissKiss.

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