June 21, 2024

10 skin-positive influencers to follow for acne awareness month

Despite its faults, social media has given us the chance to build communities and find like-minded folk we share an affinity with, so we can fill our feeds with people who look like us and face the same skin complexities.

It’s here that the Skin Positive and Acne Positive movement has been steadily building momentum. And it’s here that the images and language used around acne, spots and pimples is open, honest, accepting and celebratory.

Instagram is awash with skin-fluencers celebrated for their clear complexions and spotless skin. But, what about those who regularly breakout or live with acne everyday? For the people who don’t aspire to or relate to a “flawless” skin base that, quite simply isn’t achievable?

Find your tribe and you can tap into a wealth of experience to can share or absorb with others. Currently, #acnepositivity has over 65,000 posts, #acnecommunity has a further 64,000 and #acnesolution has a whopping 115,000 entries.

Influencers like Lou Northcote are creating destinations for embracing acne, sharing stories and barefaced pics. Her account Free The Pimple is a movement in itself. Likewise, experts are setting up accessible bases from which to dispense professional advice.

Dr Anjali Mahto, a leading dermatologist, has used her account to share her own experience with acne (proof that it can affect all of us, even the experts) as well as insider tips and sensible skin care plans. It’s a comfort to know that advice is there at the touch of a button – if you know where to look.

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