10 steps to healthy hair that can make everyone

Toosmoticheski trichologist Vita Lyasota, BeautyHack columnist and the founder of the brand of natural cosmetics (@natureal.ua) explained why it is important to monitor ferritin levels, use a mask with hydrolyzed protein only on badly damaged hair and care for your scalp.

Step # 1: check the level of ferritin

проверьте уровень ферритина

Iron deficiency is a common cause of hair loss, thinness and brittleness. Iron is directly involved in the synthesis of hemoglobin that transports oxygen to the tissues. If ferritin levels are low, the body begins to consume the reserve, “taking” it from hair follicles. The result may be iron deficiency state and, as a consequence, hair loss, brittleness and dullness. When Ferrin level below 40 ng/ml, its content in the body of about 20% is very little. Even a slight iron deficiency affects the appearance – remember that.

Step # 2: watch the level of vitamin D

Vitamin D necessary for normal calcium absorption, which is responsible for the health of bones, hair, nails. What’s more, it supplies the follicles fatty acids, necessary for growth and strengthen follicles. According to the latest data, the lack of vitamin D affects almost every citizen of our country. It is recommended to consume even in summer.

What not to do if you want to grow hair, we wrote here.

Step # 3: pay attention to the care of the scalp

уделяйте внимание уходу за кожей головы

Hair is a dead structure. And to improve their condition, you need to start from the scalp. Regularly use the scrubs and shampoos deep cleaning to remove residue scilingo, excess sebum, salts of heavy metals. This helps to normalize metabolic processes in the hair follicles and improve blood supply.

Step # 4: do not drink vitamins and medicines without a prescription

Sometimes hair loss is a side effect on the adoption of certain drugs. A similar reaction can cause vitamin a and its derivatives (Retinol Acetate), Diclofenac, Ibuprofen, Nurofen, Xanx, Heparin.

Step # 5: cgive the analysis on the mineral composition of the hair

cдайте анализ на минеральный состав волоса

Having done similar research, you will know exactly what macro-and micronutrients is not enough for your body. Many people confuse the analysis of mineral composition with phototrichogram (FTG). These are two different things. FTG do, to determine the number of hairs in the loss phase, the number of hairs on 1 cm square, and so on. Also a useful study, which can and should be done for anyone who wants to grow beautiful and healthy hair. Important! Choose carefully the lab, otherwise the analysis may be inaccurate.

Step # 6: take omega-3 fatty acids

Polyunsaturated fatty acids have anti-inflammatory and immunocorrective properties, improve blood circulation, fight free radicals. Insufficient intake of omega-3 from food is the cause of hair loss, dullness of skin, splitting nails. In the diet include fatty fish, avocado, nuts, unrefined vegetable oils.

Step # 7: do not misuse the funds with hydrolyzed protein

не злоупотребляйте средствами с гидролизованным протеином

Hydrolyzed protein – save for the bleached and very damaged hair (read more about it I was told here). But they should not be abused. If you have healthy hair, do not need to use these masks every day. Even every week! Protein can “adhere” to the surface of the hair, weighing it down. When the weakened follicles may lead to hair loss.

Step # 8: do not use the shampoo along the entire length

Hair get dirty because of the secretion of the sebaceous glands. Excess sebum mixed with dust, dirt, salts of heavy metals, clogging hair follicles and disrupting metabolic processes. That is why a thorough cleaning only needs scalp. Hair along the entire length enough foam flowing during washing tools and shampoo deep cleaning once a month.

Step # 9: correct and complete the painting

Regular shampoo will not stop the oxidation process. This means that the hair continue to be subject to aggressive attack. Oxidation can last for months, causing strands to become dull and start to break off from the middle. After dyeing you need to use special shampoos with a pH of 3.5 (normal is 5.5). If such a tool at hand was not, use “grandma’s” recipe, spreading 1 tbsp. of vinegar in a liter of water and was washed with this composition the hair.

Step # 10: do the scalp massage and special exercises that improve blood circulation

делайте массаж кожи головы и специальные упражнения, улучшающие кровообращение

Give the massage at least 5 minutes a day. This will help to improve blood circulation and metabolic processes in the hair follicles. You can also do special complexes of physical exercises that have the same effect. Yoga, for example, are useful not only for the body but also the hair – checked.

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