10 rules for the storage of creams

Inthe Racha-dermatologist Victoria Goncharuk told about the shelf-life’s skin care why creams with vitamin C must be stored in dark bottles and bath – not the best place for the deployment of your jars.

Observe expiration dates

On all certified vehicles in our country, the shelf life and date of issue. From European manufacturers is not allowed to place this information, if the makeup does not deteriorate more than thirty months.

I do not recommend to even look in the direction of such funds – they use the strongest preservatives that can trigger allergic reactions and affect the skin. The shelf life depends on the composition – it is more than natural, the cosmetics deteriorates more quickly. Tools water-based, not stored more than twelve months, eco-cosmetics based on natural oils – no more than eight.

Pay attention to the packaging

Обращайте внимание на упаковку

The less the contents are in contact with the air, the slower it deteriorates. If you buy an expensive tool and don’t plan to use it every day, prefer pump bottles and tubes. The packaging should be airtight. Typically, vehicles sold in jars with a wide neck, the shelf life after opening – not more than six months. Pay attention to the condition of the cream at the slightest change of texture or smell should be discarded.

Decongestants keep money in the fridge

Decongestant remedies give a more rapid effect chilled in the fridge they belong. On a nearby shelf, you can safely send and eco-friendly cosmetics – in its composition has almost no preservatives, and it is vital to low temperature.

Products based on oils in the refrigerator is not the place – can change the texture and decrease the effectiveness of the active ingredients.

Will buy a special refrigerator for storing cosmetics

Купите специальный холодильник для хранения косметики

Yes, they exist! The surface of the refrigerators for storing cosmetics covered antibacterial composition. They are kept at the optimum temperature – 12 degrees. Although the conditions of storage of the funds may differ. Manufacturers carry out special temperature tests before the cream gets to the store window. Pay attention to it.

Keep away from light creams with vitamin C

Ideal packaging for cream with vitamin C the leak-proof container, impervious to UV rays. Ascorbic acid begins to break down immediately upon contact with oxygen and sun – means becomes ineffective.

Bath is not a place to store cosmetics

Don’t keep creams in the bathroom – there are too often changes temperature and high humidity, and it’s a great environment for bacteria.

This rule does not apply to cleansers: foams, gels, shampoos.

Keep the creams away from lighting

Держите кремы подальше от осветительных приборов

Lighting partings heated plastic jars, and they start to produce harmful substances. The result: a cream deteriorates more quickly, nutrients are destroyed and the skin can give negative reaction.

Store creams in a dark place

Ideal for storing cream – locker, do not let sunlight with temperature not exceeding 22 degrees. I think a nook will have every girl in the bedroom. Carefully close the banks – the cream should not be exposed to dust, dirt and oxygen to avoid the oxidation process. Do not throw away the extra thin plastic cover – provides protection.

Moisturizing creams are stored for the longest time

Увлажняющие кремы хранятся дольше всего

Usually they contain stable substances resistant to the action of external factors: glycerin, lipids, amino acids. They are not afraid of oxidation in periodic contact with air. The only rule: when applying use a special spatula, the cream should not be exposed to dirt and micro-particles of skin and sweat.

Pay particular attention to the rules of storage of creams for oily skin

Often the composition of these creams include zinc, tea tree extract, fruit acids, providing a light exfoliating effect. These ingredients are afraid of oxygen and are rapidly destroyed. A bottle of cream oily skin needs to be sealed – ideally, when the manufacturer has provided in this dispenser.

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