10 pieces we keep seeing on our Instagram feed

When it comes to wardrobe overhauls – particularly ones just after fashion week – many of us look to runway trends and street style round-ups in search of inspiration.

But one avenue we all go down – whether intentionally or not – is sitting in the palm of your hand right now.

Thanks to influencers, celebrities and sometimes even our own friends, Instagram is awash with style inspo, whether it’s that new bag that you needed the encouragement to buy or a pair of pink trousers that you weren’t sure how to style – the folks on your feed have the answers.

And the only thing we love more than this convenient styling advice is when it’s all from the high street.

Here are our 10 favourite affordable buys of the week, straight from the feed…

1. The angelic summer dress

Buy it now, £29.99, Zara

2. The candy floss trousers

Buy it now, £45, Topshop

3. The frayed denim jacket

Buy it now, £59.99, Mango

4. The leather sandal

Buy it now, £25.99, Zara

5. The polka-dot trouser

Buy it now, £35, ASOS

6. The sports flare

Buy it now, £55, Urban Outfitters

7. The net bag

Buy it now, £12.99, Mango

8. The polka-dot dress

Buy it now, £59.99, Mango

9. The wrap dress

Buy it now, £89.99, Mango

10. The indigo denim jacket

Buy it now, £195, IDEN

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