10 best anti-cellulite no more than 3000 RUB

In the fight against cellulite before beach season of all good, cleansing oil, concentrate slimming treatment with mud and algae, birch peeling BeautyHack the editors have compiled the best list of “tools” for this battle.

Anti-cellulite treatment Sculpt Ultra Performance, Payot

The cure for the French brand Payot is a good option for those who like to prevent problems instead of dealing with them. My skin is smooth, except for a few stretch marks (Hello, dance school!), but the “orange peel” no. But after two weeks of use Celluli Ultra Performance the difference is noticeable: it is more elastic and smooth.

The basis – extract of Centella asiatica with a pronounced lifting effect. After applying the tool, absorbs quickly, does not burn and does not cause discomfort. Almost no odor.

Антицеллюлитный уход Sculpt Ultra Performance, Payot 

The consistency of Sculpt Ultra Performance is more like a gel – a light, translucent. With its functions to cope perfectly well.

Anti-cellulite detox body oil Cellutox Active Body Oil, Elemis

Антицеллюлитное детокс-масло для тела Cellutox Active Body Oil, Elemis

In a beautiful blue bottle (I think, it’s going to pop up a Genie) hides a powerful weapon against the visible signs of cellulite. The composition of essential oils of lemon and juniper, as well as extracts of buckthorn and fennel together they not only make the skin more elastic, but also remove toxins. After two weeks of use the skin is visibly tightened, I apply oil to problem areas after a shower. By the way, the tool serves perfectly as a massage oil. It has a lymphodrainage effect, makes the skin smooth and silky and smells delicious lemon marmalade.

The slimming Contouring Concentrate, Caudalie

Концентрат для похудения Contouring Concentrate, Caudalie

The best you can get from the use of this oil – reducing hip size is 3.8 cm in 28 days. It was the result of someone from the 18 volunteers who participated in the testing of the concentrate with Caudalie. I use butter for three weeks, I can’t say that the waist or hips become thinner, but the skin definitely came to tone, there was firmness and smoothness. All three weeks I stuck to this scheme: before the shower was doing dry massage double-sided brush (the usual from the supermarket), and then on wet skin, apply oil and massage gently, driving it in until completely absorbed. On the bottle there is a measuring ruler with 30 marks. One serving size one level. If first time I use such a tool, refer to the manual of methods of its application – in a circular motion on thighs, stomach, chest and arms.

The composition of essential oil of grape seed, peppermint, pine, lemon, rosemary leaves. But when I use feel that the pungent smell of sunflower oil is the only thing that can confuse you. Don’t be afraid to use the tool shortly before leaving the house – it is quickly absorbed and the scent will not stay with you all day.

Anti-cellulite mud body Aglae Mud Anticellulite, Collistar

Антицеллюлитная грязь для тела Anticellulite Aglae Mud, Collistar

Italian brand Collistar approaches the issue seriously: “Mediterranean strategy” as the brand calls their line, all kinds of media, including supplements. Mud mask in a giant Bank is the star of the series. The tools of nuclear structure (in the first place – clay and algae, plus mint, plus vegetable oil) and dark green; the mask is proposed to be applied for 20-30 minutes on the problem areas once or twice a week. The question is, where do these stand for 20-30 minutes, solves elegantly the thermal mask is attached to touching vacuum packaging: they strengthen the effects of algae and decide on the movements.

Anti-cellulite body souffle Orange Souffle Moroccan, Organic Shop

Антицеллюлитное суфле для тела Moroccan Orange Souffle, Organic Shop

Frankly, choosing the tool for testing, I just couldn’t resist its aroma. There’s something about Christmas in the notes of fresh orange and sweet cinnamon. And when the window is gray sky, the cold and the rain, the scent of Moroccan Orange Souffle cool invigorating and uplifting, though, and stays on the skin for long. By the way, natural aroma. The manufacturer claims that no artificial flavors and colors or preservatives in the product no. Separately want to mention the texture – dense but not heavy, rich but not oily. It really whipped souffle, not a cream or lotion.

In the claimed composition of organic oils of red orange, Moroccan argan extract and cinnamon oil of nutmeg. Despite a number of oils, fat leaves and is absorbed quickly. For excellent skin hydration immediately want to put 5 points! In General, it is almost a perfect moisturizer for the cold season when the skin becomes dry and needs rich and nourishing care. Pleased with the volume of the jar – 450 ml souffle can not save it and stop it obviously.

Perhaps the only weak “link” Moroccan Orange Souffle – this is his cellulite focus. In the struggle the orange soufflé with orange peel, the second one, it seems, wins. Due to permanent hydration and self-turgor and skin tone can be a little better, but its terrain is not leveled. In order to really reduce cellulite, you must divide the subcutaneous fat, and this challenge Moroccan Orange Souffle can not handle.

Cellulite serum body “Tsunami of algae” Fresh SPA by Natura Siberica

Антицеллюлитная сыворотка для тела «Цунами алгае», Fresh SPA by Natura Siberica

After taking a shower apply the serum on problem areas. It spreads evenly on the skin, but leaves a light film, so it is better to use in the evening. In the morning the skin becomes soft and velvety. Foundation funds – algae. Red nori nourishes the skin with vitamins and minerals, Pacific alariya stimulates circulation, kelp remove water retention in the tissues. The only negative – a small vial with a volume of 200 ml. I would recommend this tool for the prevention of cellulite, not to deal with it.

Birch peeling shower, Weleda

Березовый пилинг для душа, Weleda

The scrub has a thick consistency and a pleasant lemon fragrance. Particles are quite large but do not scratch the skin. Despite his appearance, means it smells strongly of vervain!

The peel is easily removed and the skin after it very smooth and moisturized, as if you have already used oil.

Body lotion Ultra elasticity, Garnier

Молочко для тела Ультра упругость, Garnier

Spring always wonder about the elasticity of my skin, regular sports activities and proper nutrition is not always enough. Come to the aid of remedy Garnier – he has a nice light scent (what you need for spring!) and creamy consistency.

Algae extract in the composition perfectly nourishes and tightens the skin – use after the evening shower massage brush. First, do a light massage with your fingers, and then going through with a special brush until completely absorbed funds.

After this intensive treatment the skin becomes much more soft. Repeated the procedure a few weeks and noticed that the skin is much more taut and toned. Sure this achievement is not only massage, but also milk Gariner.

Body cream anti-cellulite 24 hours, KORA

Крем для тела антицеллюлит 24 часа, KORA 

The cream is designed for the correction of unwanted fat deposits and eliminate cellulite. Apply it on the problem area, and it will work over the correction 24 hours a day.

I have not faced with the problem of cellulite, but paying very close attention to prevention. The first thing that attracted in the product – its composition. Bioflavonoid complex anise and Chinese boxwood, caffeine, oil Basinski mustard, horse chestnut, orange oil, lemon in the complex have a magical effect on the skin.

Apply the cream morning and evening. Remedy absorbed in three minutes to dry – you can immediately get dressed and leave the house. In the process of applying do a light massage to stimulate the circulation and all the nutrients are absorbed better.

The manufacturer says that the first results can be seen after 6-8 weeks, but my skin was firmer in 2 days. Swelling of the legs was asleep, too – be sure to pass the “course” until the end!

Body oil Bio Kedr, Planeta Organica

Масло для тела Bio Kedr, Planeta Organica

I’m not a big fan of conventional oils – it is very hard to find something on the skin will be moisturized, and wait for I don’t like (though in this collection I found the oil, which is now not breaking up). “Butter” with a creamy texture – the best alternative for those who, like me, wants to work in seconds, noticeably moisturize the skin, but in 5 minutes it disappeared without a trace. The remedy came to me in all the criteria, plus left a nice trail of pear aroma on the skin. Based on the oil of white Siberian cedar – for intensive feeding. For the month use, the skin really become more supple, I apply mainly on feet, the area of the breeches, abdomen and buttocks.

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