10 hacks every woman needs, to know for the glossiest hair, of her life

You wake up as usual, after one too many ‘snoozes’, same rushed routine – wash, blowdry, dress (time-saving mavericks who hit the shower before bed, we salute you), check for phone, keys and wallet, and grab some pitiful excuse for breakfast.

Then, just before darting out the door, you catch a glimpse in the mirror.

Waaait a second. Who is this goddess of glossy locks who stands before us? Where’s the usual frizz and tufts? And why isn’t our fringe flicking in the wrong direction. Nothing new was done, no extra effort put in, we didn’t even reach for a styling tool, yet still, there it is – a head of hair that hangs, curls or waves just as the hairdresser from 6 months ago intended it to. A few compliments later, and it’s official. You’ve just experienced a BGHD (bloody great hair day).

Sadly, all dreams must come to an end. As the sun rises the following morning, so does the frustration at our barnet, which *of course* is misbehaving once more. There’s only one thing for it – grab a scrunchie, chuck it up and deal.

10 hacks every woman needs, to know for the glossiest hair, of her life

Well, no more! Why should our strands be relegated to ponytails, buns and plaits when they have so much natural potential? We’ve seen it. Yes, that BGHD is becoming a distant memory, but it happened. We just need to figure out how.

Wish granted. Follow these top ten tips to unlock that hair potential. Every. Single. Day.

Know your haircare

Tempting as it is to head for the best discount (oh yes, we know your game), base your haircare decision on what’s inside that bottle instead. Parabens, sulphates, alcohol and fragrance are just a few of the ingredients that should be avoided in pursuit of glossier locks. Apply this rule to literally anything that touches your scalp, from shampoo and conditioner to masks, serums, sprays, and even hair dye.

Focus within

What we put on our hair matters, but the grub we consume also plays a major part. Protein and iron-rich foods are both super important for strong healthy hair, as is vitamin A which helps oil up your hair glands – although, watch your intake – some say that too much vitamin A can have the reverse effect and actually stop hair growth *eeek*!

Shower switch up

Cray cray as it may sound, try conditioner before shampoo. This reverse-wash method has been lauded for its ability to give hair a boost of nourishment without the weight that can come with conditioning. The great part is you already have all the products you need. Winning!

It’s the effort that counts. And for hair, that couldn’t be truer. Adding in extra steps such as scalp exfoliation once a month, a weekly nourishing mask and an occasional cider vinegar rinse (yes, really) will help to get that hair gleaming.

Get water savvy

Sadly for us city dwellers, mineral-heavy ‘hard water‘ can leave locks looking dull and feeling dry. A clarifying shampoo can help lift the excess away and restore vibrancy, but use sparingly as it can also strip away essential oils. Another option? Finish your shower with splash of filtered water from the fridge. Not only will this wash away the nasties, the cold rinse helps to seal your hair cuticle, lock in those oils and encourage shine.

Trim regularly

Snipping off split ends is a traditional technique for healthier-looking hair. What you may not know is the weight that comes off when you trim can also lessen the strain on your scalp and stop those strands from snapping. Result? Less frizz and added bounce.

Brush up

Your mum didn’t teach you this hack for fun. Brushing from the bottom of hair, starting with little downward strokes, then adding in more and more hair as you work towards your parting is a clever way to tease out tangles without breakage. Part two to the trick? Only brush when dry. Wet hair is much more delicate and prone to breakage so treat it with care and unwind those knots with your fingers.

Work it

As well as giving you all the tingles, a regular scalp massage encourages circulation and blood flow to the hair follicles. Sounds a bit gross, right? We agree, but it’s great for boosting healthy hair growth. Work this into your weekly routine with an oil (argan and jojoba are great natural nourishers), gently massaged into the roots of your hair before showering.

Turn down the heat

We know heat damages our hair, but how do you expect us to get big old bouncy curls without a hairdryer and tongs? Sure, heat protection sprays can reduce the damage, but if you want your strands to really shine, put down the tools and let nature do it’s thing. Yep, were talking about airdrying. You might well look like Hagrid for a few days, but battle through – beautiful, luscious locks await.


Yoga Skin is set to be a huge trend this year, but what about yoga hair? No, we’re not referring to the odd French plait that lets you downward dog and warrior 3 without a face full of grown-out fringe, this is about the benefits a cool, calm and collected life has on your barnet. Hair falling out from stress is actually a thing – it’s to do with adrenaline becoming cholesterol, which sparks testosterone and causes hair to thin. Solution? Zen out (however you wish) and help that barnet grow.

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