10 Guided-Meditation Videos by Latinas to Help Us Cope With Stress and Anxiety

In recent years, the ancient practice of meditation has grown in popularity, and with its far-reaching benefits, it’s no wonder why.

Numerous studies have shown evidence that meditation can reduce stress, control anxiety, promote emotional health, improve sleep, enhance self-awareness, and generate compassion, among so many other mental, emotional, and physical advantages.

From one-minute pick-me-ups to 30-minute reflections, these meditations help us reconnect with ourselves, find calmness, and discover ways to be kind and gentle with our hearts at a time when wellness and peace of mind can seem impossible. Ahead, scroll through a few bilingual guided meditations and sound baths to help you de-stress and nurture self-love.

In the past few months, COVID-19 has claimed the lives of hundreds of thousands of people, videos of violence against Black individuals – from police killings to attacks against protesters – have flooded social media, and unemployment rates have left countless people across the country experiencing income insecurity and displacement.

As a result of these layered crises, our communities are undergoing communal trauma. And considering many of us remain sheltering in place, we are confronting the rising levels of stress, anxiety, and depression that emerge from upheaval.

Hoping to help, several Latina therapists, activists, and healers are using their social media platforms to offer free guided meditations – in both Spanish and English – to those of us searching for ways to cope.

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