May 25, 2024

10 great mascaras with silicone brush

Withrodstva with extracts of beeswax and free from parabens that make your lashes long, separated and voluminous in two movements, editors BeautyHack chose the best mascara that will not leave lumps and disappointments.

Mascara for eyelashes Baby Doll, Yves Saint Laurent

One of the few mascaras for eyelashes, which suits me on all parameters (other that the sponge does not hold! ).

First, insanely comfortable large silicone brush, which allows you to paint over each cilium. Second, the length that appears with the first layer.

Third, the incredible amount the second time of coloration. Fourth, vitality – if I know I am leaving the house for the whole day, and touch up makeup in the evening is not particularly possible, always choose this mascara.

Тушь для ресниц Baby Doll, Yves Saint Laurent

With her active don’t need smoky eyes or shadows in principle – ink takes over and easily alone makes look expressive. And no flaking, but it is easily removed with cleansing gel without irritation. The composition is and caring components jojoba oil and palm. Isn’t it amazing?

Mascara Troublemaker, Urban Decay

Тушь для ресницTroublemaker,UrbanDecay

Big brush, deep black, space-the rainbow tube – not the mascara miracle! The test has not showered or per gram from 8 am until complete removal of the cleansing gel at 10pm. I have black eyelashes, so it had one layer, but for more expressive makeup is best applied two to three. Part of the formula – vitamin E and panthenol to moisturize eyelashes. The brush perfectly separates them allows you to get to the roots and distribute the pigment without lumps. Volume, separation, lengthening, Curling – all as promised and not a drop less. Great!

Voluminous mascara Amplitude, Golden Charcoal, Rouge Bunny Rouge

Объемная тушь Amplitude, Golden Charcoal, Rouge Bunny Rouge

Silicone brush – my favorite: they are best stain and separate the lashes. Brush this tool met expectations in two movements my lashes are separated and lengthy, but looked very natural at the expense of brown funds.

By the way, the mascara smells really nice chocolate – a perfect solution for those who continued to lose weight by the summer (remember, you still have 2 months! ). And the composition has a blend of natural waxes, which protect the lashes. If you, like me, don’t leave home without your contact lenses, rest assured – the mascara does not irritate eyes and does not “flow” from moisturizing drops.

I applied the product two coats and my eyelashes become long and like velvet, and the volume appeared through the thickening – it is responsible for the enveloping of the fiber composition. But eyelashes do not seem graft, and the volume is very light as if it were your lashes, but they suddenly became twice more.

Mascara for eyelash Extension Outrageous, Sephora

Тушь для ресниц Outrageous Extension, Sephora

“It’s complicated” – status of my relationship with mascara. Testing of all new and strange to me – a lottery in which, most often, I remain a loser, since “cry” as a bride at the wedding.

Sephora – the same exception to which my hypersensitive eyes have reacted well! The mascara has a comfortable silicone brush – it separates, separates and curls the lashes.

The tool has sufficient liquid before it is applied to eyelashes, it is better to carefully remove the excess with a restrictive ring.

If you’re a fan of the doll look, you know – this means it will not provide. But the ink will appreciate lovers of natural, sudovogo makeup: apply one coat to make the look more open, or two layers for greater expressiveness.

Lengthening mascara “No words! ” Lash Mascara Dance Radio Silence, Smith Cult

Удлиняющая тушь для ресниц «Нет слов! » Lash Dance Mascara Radio Silence, Smith Cult

The effect on the carcass fully justifies the name: put it in a single layer, looked at his eyelashes and from his lips came off an involuntary “wow. ” It not only divided lashes but lengthened them and gave megaobem – I didn’t think was possible to achieve such an effect without increasing.

I have to say, this tool is not suitable for daily makeup, but rather complement smoky eyes (as in our video) or any bright image. He has a thick texture and a very interesting silicone brush in the form of a spiral, which is a sufficient amount of mascara, so the first time to paint over the lashes.

Ink Suprematic, Sergey Naumov

ТушьSuprematic, Sergey Naumov

My dear friend, and hope the Russian cosmetic industry Sergey Naumov this year especially prolific: he released a new drip shade of highlighter (excellent), a line of lipsticks and that mascara with a large silicone brush. To extend the Suprematic is best applied in a single thin layer and if to layer, Naumov promises today’s fashionable rock-n-roll eyelashes.

Ink Performance, Pierre Rene

Тушь Performance, Pierre Rene

Family brand Pierre Rene for 30 years, and now manages the second generation of the family Szelisca. The brand is very simple and interesting philosophy – funds are suitable for vegans and not tested on animals. If you buy cosmetics on the principle of “cruelty free” – this tool is definitely for you. Bonus – mascara is hypoallergenic and will appeal to those who have very sensitive eyes.

Mascara can easily become your loyal friend in makeup every day. The tools are no super powers, but it is perfect for every day to those who are not committed to the false lash effect.

A fluffy brush with a very dense pile, therefore, immediately captures all lashes at the roots, lifting and extending them. The tool will not be imprinted on the eyelids and will not crumble at the end of the day, turning you into a Panda – a good option for daytime makeup to lightly accentuate and lengthen lashes.

Mascara Lash Sensational, Maybelline

Тушь Lash Sensational, Maybelline

We all dream of a mascara that will give your lashes incredible volume and your look will not go unnoticed. But in the photos we see only the lashes, and most of the funds leaving only clumps of mascara and frustration.

The remedy is the exception. If you want to create the effect of graft, but the natural lash (open, dense and long) – feel free to buy this mascara.

It has a very convenient brush with different types of bristles: short stain little lashes in the corners of the eyes, and the long – grab all the lashes and evenly paint over them row by row, as if pulling them.

The effect is visible already after the first application, but I paint over eyelashes from roots in two layers – it was a real wow-effect, and the mascara does not crumble before the end of the day. On the eyelashes was interesting bend, which together with Extranjera did look mysterious and expressive.

Mascara Professional 3 in 1 Mascara Pierre Rene

Тушь Professional 3 in 1 Mascara, Pierre Rene

For me this tool was the perfect mascara for every day – it gently separates and emphasises lashes, cares for them, no flaking and is easily removed usual micellar water (test drive the best you can see here).

If you apply mascara in two layers, eyelashes will become thicker and denser, and look more expressive.

I liked the composition – extracts of oils, beeswax, oils and no parabens. What else is needed for the carcass in your everyday makeup bag?

Mascara Big Volume Cat Eyes, Eveline

Тушь Big Volume Cat Eyes, Eveline

After we tested the eyeliner with the felt tip, I was fascinated by makeup, with an emphasis on expressive, eyes, like a cat, and without volume, black mascara can not do here.

This tool fully met my expectations. The first thing I liked, – charm silicone brush with a ball on the end. Using it is very convenient, it easily separates all the lashes in one layer, creating a natural effect of “no makeup makeup”. And if you paint over the lashes the second time, they will become very voluminous, long and curled. I decided to experiment and apply mascara in three layers (to eyelash was seen “out of space”) is a tool still not showered and did not leave untidy lumps. However, it dries very quickly, and if you want to make a volume, causing several layers need to hurry up!

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