June 17, 2024

10 Good-Looking Stepladders for Short People in Tall Apartments

Lots of storage in your new apartment most likely equals closets stacked on top of closets.

Those crawl spaces tucked so high on the wall that the only way to reach is to call your one really tall friend and ask her to stand on her tippy-toes on a dining chair.

To avoid ruining that friendship, you should probably invest in a step ladder (or very sturdy stool) ASAP.

The one closet you have that’s located on solid ground is prime storage space for coats and cleaning supplies, so why buy an ugly one that needs to be stowed away in there 24/7? We recommend purchasing one of these relative beauties instead.

They’re a bit pricier than your average step ladder or step stool, but you’re paying for it to be perfectly OK to keep the thing totally out in the open and to have respectable extra seating when your tall friend comes over for a proper hangout. Buy a stepladder, save a social life.

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