May 20, 2024

10 facts about the Korean cosmetics

Pwhy Korean cosmetics are not mixed with European? Is it true that it is not suitable for dark skin? What ingredients can cause allergies? A doctor of aesthetic surgery beauty network Prive7 Aida Gadzhieva confirms the facts and debunks the myths about Korean cosmetics.

Fact # 1. Many Korean brands are adapting makeup for Europeans

Koreans have tighter skin, not prone to wrinkles. But they have a tendency to extended pores and acne. This is due to several factors. Not long ago, German scientists compared the reaction to the sun the Europeans (phototype II), and Asians (V phototype) for the production of vitamin D and DNA damage. The Europeans have a slight exposure to UV rays resulted in damage to DNA and the synthesis of vitamin D. Asians the same dose did not cause damage to the genes. While vitamin D is practically not synthesized.

Besides the difference in density, the phototype and the structure of the skin, is impossible to forget and about a fundamentally different food (Asians in the diet is much more antioxidants, omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids), differences in the skin microbiome (the aggregate of microorganisms, leading activity on human skin), and even facial expressions!

Protective properties among members of different races also differ. The highest – blacks, followed by Asians and then Europeans. Asians sebaceous glands are more active – dermis is prone to acne and rashes.

Многие корейские бренды адаптируют косметику под европейцев

In addition, the density of it is higher and therefore the concentration of active substances in the cream should also be higher. Conclusion: the skin care among members of different races will be different.

Many Korean cosmetic brands adapt their funds for European women. Not all and not always. Prefer only trusted brands, has long been known on the Russian market!

Fact # 2. Asian cosmetics are rare ingredients that stimulate metabolism in the skin

В азиатской косметике редко встречаются ингредиенты, стимулирующие обмен веществ в коже

With age, skin metabolism slows down and decreases the synthesis of collagen and elastin, provide elasticity. European women this happens quite early. Some already 25 can appear the first wrinkles (mostly in the area of the upper lip – melkomorschinisty type of aging). Skin Asian women often persists after menopause. Even in 50 their faces look like “bulk apples”. But closer to 60 is a sharp relaxation of tissues – a view far from aesthetics. Korean remedies for young skin rare components that stimulate the metabolism. Keep this in mind!

Fact # 3. The composition of Korean cosmetics often contains whitening ingredients

Asians have observed increased sensitivity of melanocytes (cells responsible for the production of melanin – the pigment that gives skin color). To avoid pigmentation, in the skin funds manufacturers often add whitening ingredients. Such funds are good for those who want to remove freckles or old age spots. For these purposes, the therapists even prescribe a course of Korean care, and then recommend to return to Europe. Matching funds must engage a specialist! You can’t just go the store and buy cream from pigmentation, because “the Internet is advised”. Uncontrolled use of such tools can lead to the formation of white spots with which to fight extremely difficult.

Fact # 4. The ingredients in Korean cosmetics meet understudied

Среди ингредиентов в корейской косметике встречаются недостаточно изученные

Again, it is only little known brands that have not provided a budget for research. In many countries (even very advanced) there are “gaps” in the legislation that allows producers to use enough checked the ingredients in the makeup and care. Korea is no exception. Small producers often include substances that, at best, have no effect on the skin, in the worst – can have a negative impact. Take the widely publicized means of snail mucin.

The first cream with mucus was not produced in Korea, and in South America under the brand name “Elitsina” in 1995. He showed excellent healing and regenerative properties.

In the process of living snails secrete two types of mucus: one is used for movement, the other to restore the shell after damage. It contains many useful substances: hyaluronic acid, mineral salts, polysaccharides. In addition, it has the substance is a cytokine that stimulates cell division. In 2012, the year in laboratory conditions, it was shown that the mucin increases the proliferation rate of cells in few times. Here are the consequences from the uncontrolled division of unpredictable! Cream with mucin – a great way to eliminate keloid scars, for example. But as a means for daily care, I would not recommend it. Especially without prior consultation.

Fact # 5. Korean cosmetics provides giperplaziya

Another feature of the skin of Asians is a tendency of transepidermal moisture loss. Almost all Korean products are targeted at hydration. Hyaluronic acid is often found even in tonics. Think about its beneficial properties do not need to tell: one molecule of hyaluronic acid holds up to 500 water molecules! But when using drugs based on it is necessary to consider some nuances. For example, humidity. When it is low, gialuronova acid has the opposite effect, pulling the top layers of the skin, creating an unpleasant effect. When it is excess in the composition of the skin funds have a chance to Wake up with swelling. While the synthesis of hyaluronic acid in the body is normal, no need to abuse means to her.

Give your skin the opportunity to “work” without “doping”.

Fact # 6. Korean cosmetics are not suitable for all

Корейская косметика подходит не всем

Ingredients that are not suitable for you, may be contained in any cosmetics: Korean, American, French. But this does not mean that the tool is bad. Care needs to choose the specialist, taking into account all the individual characteristics of: type, tendency to allergies and other. Some Korean money for skin 35+, for example, do not solve our “purely European” problems: wrinkles, ptosis, loss of elasticity. The main task for Asians: to control melanin synthesis and moisture level. Why Korean cosmetics are often recommended for the care of more youthful skin. Although some brands have a decent anti-aging treatments.

Fact # 7. Asian cosmetics have good cleansing properties

Cleansing for Asians – a ritual. This process may consist of five, six and even ten stages. Milk, foam, hydrophilic oil, again foam and this is not the limit. Speaking of hydrophilic oil. Use it to remove waterproof makeup, clogging pores. Manic desire for purification is not accidental. This is partly due to climate. During the monsoon season in Asia, almost 100% humidity – air pollution is literally “glued” to the skin. And to remove this layer at the end of the day, one foam will not do. In the composition of Korean cosmetics, which often are powerful components that literally “pull” all of the time.

Fact # 8. Korean cosmetics should not be combined with European

Корейскую косметику не стоит комбинировать с европейской

It is better to use one’s skin line. And this applies not only to Korean cosmetics. After applying foam cleanser need to restore the pH balance of the skin tonic. The funds from one line manufacturers select the concentration of acidic ingredients so that you can easily neutralize the alkaline. The only way to achieve maximum efficiency.

Fact # 9. Some components of Korean cosmetics can cause allergies

No doctor with 100% certainty I will not say that your skin may react in an allergic reaction. And it’s not in the country of origin of cosmetics, and in the individual characteristics of the organism.

Some components in the Korean media really can increase skin sensitivity: mulberry extract white and green tea.

Syndrome sensitive dermis difficult to be removed – be careful with these ingredients.

Fact No. 10. Not all Korean cosmetics are realized in online shops, certified

Не вся корейская косметика, реализующаяся в интернет-магазинах, прошла сертификацию

This story, rather, not about cosmetics, but about unscrupulous sellers. Not all the money realized on the Internet, approved by the CPS. Never order cosmetics on questionable resources – the consequences of its use can be unpredictable.

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