10 Best Things to Do in Iceland

Whether you’re visiting in the summer months to camp near pristine waterfalls or stopping by in winter to go relaxing in hot springs, Iceland is perfect for just about any kind of traveller. Bask in the otherworldly beauty of majestic Iceland with these 10 attractions.

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Iceland Attractions: Gullfoss

The powerful, two-tier waterfalls at Gullfoss on the Hvita present a stunning sight, whether part-frozen in winter, in full flood during the spring melt, or roaring away during the long summer twilight. Their setting in a deep canyon adds to the spectacle, as does the landscape of icy peaks and gravel desert immediately north – quite a contrast to the green, spray-fed vegetation closer to the river. Take care at Gullfoss and always supervise children, as paths are slippery and there are no safety railings or warning signs.

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