10 Best Street Foods Across Asia

In Asia, the best food is found not in fancy restaurants, but in the carts and stalls lining busy streets and quiet alleys. These 10 snacks are not only iconically local to their city or country, but also exhibit the delicious range of texture and flavour you can find across the continent.

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1. Xiaolongbao – Shanghai, China

A staple of China’s dim sum tradition is the steamed bun, an innocuous little ball of dough that contains a burst of flavourful filling. Shanghai’s xiaolongbao, which translates roughly as “little buns in a steaming basket,” are probably the pinnacle of this snack. Traditionally, they are filled with pork and aspic, which is a meat stock gel that melts into broth when heated. As a result, the tiny buns pack a tasty, salty punch. They are found throughout the city, enjoyed standing up at street stalls and restaurant-fronts by Shanghai’s business set and the city’s working class in equal measure.

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