June 17, 2024

10 best new year’s eve, butyakov

In the holidays I have to push and pull teeth time for a manicure, pedicure and other women’s pleasures. Race to the shops in search of gifts and slammed provide 100% opportunity to stay in new year’s eve Cinderella in an apron, with “Olivier” in one hand and “wash” in the other.

In case of time pressure I have collected the best butiki from the experts – work is not worse than a magic wand.

One “swing” they wash the prints in a twelve-hour vigil at the plate, mask the lack of time the color of the hair and turn to “desperate housewife” in a rosy-cheeked doll who had just returned from SPA.

Mutihac # 1: a hair mask + a few drops of oil

Each editor their beauty weakness. I have a hair mask. To taste, to smell, to interfere and look for the special ingredients that make thin, unruly hair in a satin cloth, that’s what I love. Brand Sebastian Professional was founded in the early 70s, the talented stylists from Los Angeles, we have a special relationship. Brand means allow to keep the length of my bleached strands, I love him dearly and manic test all new products.

The mask copes with damaged ends, smoothing out the cuticle. For this deep reverence jojoba, rice bran and silk proteins. Speaking of the latter. The protein is embedded under the scales, increasing the density of the hair. They look more healthy. The mask is a thick consistency and a pleasant fragrance – no harsh fragrances (hypersensitive noses will appreciate).

маска для волос + несколько капель масла

If before the New year no time for salon treatments, arrange her house! That hair looked like the shampoo, I mix a spoonful of dissolved gelatine with three drops of your favorite oil and two tablespoons of the mask. Paint, insulated with plastic and I heat the head with a Hairdryer. Then wrap a towel and keep for 40 minutes. The effect is not worse than after a professional grooming.

Mutihac No. 2: ice cubes

I used frozen chamomile decoction and used the cubes as SOS-a tool that turns face swollen sloth in the face of the Madonna of Botticelli. The ice quickly relieves the swelling and removes dark circles under the eyes by stimulating blood circulation. After the interview with ISA Anokhina began to use ready-made blocks from the Anne Semonin, exchanging the “grandma’s” method to the achievements of modern cosmeceuticals. In the composition of the ice – extract tephrosia purple, red algae, improves elasticity, sea-water, and azelaic acid. Against such “fighters” can not stand either one bruise.

Mutihac No. 3: alginate mask

альгинатная маска

Half a century ago, extragerea iodine from brown algae, Moore Stanford as a side product, the consistency resembling rubber – alginate. Its main feature – the content of salts of alginic and hyaluronic acids have a positive effect on the skin. The opening of Stanford immediately adopted by the representatives of the beauty industry, releasing a range of alginate masks. They are implemented in the form of a powder that must be mixed with water in a strictly prescribed ratio.

Alginate mask quickly freeze should apply promptly. They promote the removal of toxins, have a slight vasoconstrictive and antibacterial effects. Before the holiday alginate mask – an indispensable thing. Especially if you missed a visit to the beautician.

Mutihac No. 4: transparent nail Polish

Mutihac for those who are not long-term coverage. The most well-known fashion expert Evelina khromtchenko once said, “All that is called “nail design” vulgar and tasteless. To be groomed, quite neatly filed nails and clear varnish”. An interview with a fashion expert for BeautyHack can be read here. I love all shades of red. But when there is no time, remember Evelina and apply to the nails clear enamel. The main thing is not to go over the lines so as not to stress the outgrown cuticle. Before the New year to the transparent cover you can add a little glitter – this manicure will look more festive.

A selection of 10 quick-drying nail Polish see here.

Mutihac No. 5: eyebrow powder + wax pencil

тени для бровей + восковой карандаш

I regularly miss the correction – I confess. Thank you, creators of decorative cosmetics for the fact that you came up with shadows and a wax pencil ready to sing odes of praise to you each day. First pomogut disguise “gaps” and fill in the empty space. The second captures perfectly, giving the desired mold and creating a natural effect. To remove the extra hairs, use tweezers only after drawing the eyebrows. And advise you. Not giving a form that has all the chances to get carried away and tweeze what thrasivoulos few months.

Mutihac No. 6: “Sudocrem”

I have problem skin that regularly “encouraged” rash: they must appear on the face before an important event. In the case of the landing of “foreign objects” on the person I have trusted mutihac: peeling-roll + “Sudocrem”. Cream paint a dot on problem areas and leave overnight. In the morning do a peeling based on fruit acids. Without Foundation, of course, can not do. But after these measures rash is easily masked.

Mutihac No. 7: bath


About love Russian bath can talk for a long time. No, for a very long time. After birch broom feel “newborn” baby cheeks and soft heels. Under the influence of steam and high temperature through the open pores of excess fluid and toxins, improves blood circulation and trophic tissues. The steam will take with tea. There is one important rule for making beverages. Before the bath you should drink energy teas, after – soothing. My favorite recipe cranberries, ginger, honey, strawberry and green tea (drink one Cup to the steam room, and a couple more passed between calls).

Mutihac No. 8: sleep

Pages BeautyHack nutritionists and beauticians repeatedly said that even a one-time lack of sleep can affect appearance and health. And the best way to avoid the “disaster” – to sleep. Messy hair is easily masked as “horse” tail, the lack of manicure – with varnish. But from the unhappy facial expressions will not save no concealer. Leave the Turkey in cranberry sauce to marinate for another hour and go into the embrace of a cozy wool blanket – honestly, this is my best butigan.

Mutihac No. 9: highlighter


I am not a supporter of decorative cosmetics. But new year’s eve makeup told Santa himself! A little concealer, brown mascara (perfect for brown eyes) and lots of highlighter. Not sparing. The most magical night of the year is not the time for rules. My choice – compact powder with the effect of lights Oh Darling Lumiere Podre Skinfinish, M. A. C. Gold curly “ingot” will instantly make any special makeup.

In the tool there is no obvious shimmer – just a delicate light-reflecting particles. Powder is perfectly placed and gives the skin a delicate glow. I have a dark skin phototype is a very flattering shade for her.

Mutihac # 10: Express mask

This hack for all emergencies – no need to use them too often. To me in kopilochku he got the advice of a doctor dermatologist Victoria, Britco (@dr. viktoria_13_). Express masks really help 20 minutes to get rid of facial wrinkles, at the time of blocking the muscles, as Botox. This effect lasts for 5-6 hours. The rest of the evening will be the Queen. And now – spoon “tar”. To use the Express masks are contraindications: open wounds, active acne, skin hypersensitivity, rosacea, hypersensitivity.

10 лучших, предновогодних, бьютихаков

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