The 11 Creative Design Trends That Will Define 2018

Let’s be honest: there are few greater pleasures in life than spotting a perfect, gorgeous, inescapable image that stays with you for days. It’s what drives Instagram users to dig deep for that perfect inspiring photo, and why Pinterest continues to be the go-to destination for Zen planning. But for stock photo, video, and music agency Shutterstock — a company that specializes in that perfect image — our searching and downloading habits also help to provide an altogether different service: predicting exactly what will drive creative design over the coming weeks and months.

The 2018 edition of Shutterstock’s Creative Trends Report was released on Jan. 17 and provides a huge amount of insight into what the internet loved the most last year and how the most popular searches will define design aesthetics in the year to come. Ahead, check out the 11 trends that the company predicts will “dominate” pop culture and design this year — and be sure to check out the full report over on the Shutterstock site.