Most Beautiful Sacred Sites That Every Traveler Must Visit

One of the best things about design is that it has no boundaries. Never has this been more obvious, perhaps, than in the makeup of our most sacred sites. And while we may read from different scriptures and follow the words of another God, when we step foot into any house of worship, it’s hard not to feel that palpable understanding that a location is sacred. No matter if it’s a futuristic looking structure, such as the Oscar Niemeyer-designed Cathedral of Brasília, or the ethereal, bone-like Wat Rong Khun temple in Thailand, many of the world’s most beautiful religious sites have inspired a legion of worshipers for centuries with their structures alone. From a mountaintop monastery in Myanmar to a beautifully intricate mosque in Iran, AD rounds up the 19 most beautiful sacred sites that will attract even those who believe in nothing more than the power of travel.