Everything you wanted to ask about plastic surgery

Women have always sought beauty, and at all times everyone wanted to be seductive and sexy at any age. Therefore, more and more women turn to plastic surgeons for help. What questions sound most often? The doctor of medicine, the leading surgeon of the Clinic of Dr. Panova, the author of twenty scientific articles, a member of the Russian and several international associations, plastic surgeon Gokhman Valeriya Robertovna answers questions. 

Question # 1: Increase in volumes 
I would like to enlarge the chest, but as many offers of types of surgery, types of implants that are difficult to choose. How to find the best option?

The operation of augmentation (magnifying) mammoplasty over the past 15 years has become very popular in the world, and scientific research is still under way. It deals with three aspects: size, shape and access. There were new versions of implants. Leading manufacturers are mainly firms McGhan and Mentor. It was these firms that were offered new types of volumes and sizes, profiles (round or anatomical) and coating textures. In the creation of the form of the breast gland, the main thing depends on the technique of surgery: underarm, intramuscular, axillary or subcapsular. The surgeon, having experience, focuses on the constitution of soft tissues, chooses a technical option and creates a form.

To get the right volume for a preliminary consultation, the specialist uses the sizers, selecting the best option, i.e. shows the patient the approximate dimensions of the future breast. One of the main aspects is access for implant installation: axillary, submammary and periareolar – each of them has its advantages and disadvantages. It is necessary to explain this before the operation to the patient. 

Millions of women in the world have a beautiful shape and volume of the breast due to surgery. The result mainly depends on the experience of the doctor and the ability of the patient to explain his desire. With a fruitful initial consultation – the operation will always be successful. 

Question number 2: decrease in volumes 
I want to do liposuction, remove excess volume from the sides. Is it possible and dangerous?

The question is correct. I would call liposuction liposculpture. It is for the removal of surpluses of subcutaneous tissue of different localization that this method is preferred more than for weight loss. Liposuction is an excellent method for removing deposits of different localization. The most frequent – on the hips (“riding breeches”), on the abdomen, at the waist, in the projection of the knee joints, on calves and others. If we compare liposuction 10-15 years ago and now, today it is safe, aesthetic and, I would say, a beautiful method! This is thanks to equipment and modern technology of postoperative management: ultrasonic equipment of the last generation, vacuum aspiration through small diameter cannulae, correct postoperative compression.

The tasks facing the surgeon are: sufficient volume removal, lack of asymmetry, prevention of sagging and folding of the skin. Dynamic scientific study has introduced various developments to achieve these objectives. This is the introduction of tuyumescence, the equipment that finely grinds and gently removes the subcutaneous tissue, various types of postoperative compression. 

It is necessary to clarify with the specialist how much the expectations will come true, since there are certain zones on the body where the effect can not be achieved ideally. I would like to emphasize – reach an understanding with the surgeon for advice! 

Question number 3: repeat rhinoplasty
I had an operation to change the shape of the nose, there is improvement, but I would have liked more striking effect, but I’m afraid of another operation. How accurate can you predict the future shape of the nose before surgery?

Apparently, the repeated operation is the result of incomplete designation of the problem by the patient before the first intervention. Consultation in this case should be thorough, involving technology for computer planning. All the possibilities of rhinoplasty should be discussed, and it is also necessary to mention the possible unpredictability. If the surgeon has a good experience of rhinoplasty, then the operation should be successful. It is necessary to take into account the functions of the body; if the patient has a nasal breathing disorder. In this case, correction of this function is necessary – surgery on the septum or on the lower shells, the so-called vasomotor rhinitis; or other corrections. I think that the patient should not fear the patient before re-operation.