Complex for your complexes

Or five steps to the certainty of its irresistibility on New Year’s holidays

What is remarkable about the last month of autumn? November holidays, the first snow, showcases with New Year’s toys and the beginning of the annual operation “Lose Weight for the New Year!”. In order to impress the people around with a narrow waist and a graceful back in the New Year’s Eve, abundant sacrifices are made: someone refuses the sweet, someone – from supper, some even starve. However, scientists have long proven that to excess weight leads not only and not so much overeating, but a number of reasons – both physiological and psychological. Accordingly, and to get rid of excess weight it is possible, only applying the complex approach, considering not only physiology, but also psychology, not only a body, but also a soul.

What, in the opinion of scientists, should include a comprehensive program for weight loss? Specialists of the medical center “Effect” have developed the following complex program: 

1. The first step is a complete medical examination . Often it is hidden diseases that do not allow the body to part with fat stores. In addition, only a comprehensive examination will allow specialists of the medical center “Effect” to select the procedures that are most effective for you. 

2. Cleansing the body is the second step on the road to harmony. Slagged body reluctantly part with extra pounds, and health “waste products”, years accumulated by the body, obviously not add. 

3. Step Three – individual psychological trainingson correction of excess weight. The fact that overweight is a consequence of mental discomfort, for doctors, and generally well versed in this problem of people – has not been news for a long time. Therefore, without psychological help, you can not do without any effective weight loss program. According to experts, it is psychological correction of excess weight that gives the most stable results, since it greatly facilitates the observance of dietary recommendations, without which, as you know, in the matter of losing weight – nowhere. 

4. Therefore, the fourth step is a personally developed diet and exercise program. Less calories, more movement – a classic tip for everyone, hungry for slenderness. Specialist of the center on special equipment will determine the percentage of fat, will evaluate the composition of the composition of the body and on the basis of this will give individually developed nutrition and exercise programs, which will achieve maximum efficiency. 

5. Step Five – an individually selected program of the most effective water, thermal and physiotherapy procedures that allow not only to speed up the process of losing weight and improve skin tone, but also to activate the hidden reserves of the body, raise immunity, which is especially important in autumn in Siberia. In the medical center “Effect” will form an individual program, which includes the most effective procedures: 

• Ozone therapy
It has long been called the method of “non-surgical liposuction.” Subcutaneous injections of the ozone-oxygen mixture allow to fight with local fatty deposits, to get rid of which before this could only be an operative way. Ozone improves metabolic enzymatic processes in subcutaneous fat, activates local metabolism, stimulates lipolysis (fat burning), improves microcirculation, thus facilitating their excretion from the body. Systematic splitting of problem zones with ozone in combination with cryomassage is able to level the skin and reduce the fatty layer. 

• Cryosauna
For one session, more than 1,500 calories are burned in the cryosauna, swelling goes away, the body begins to produce hormones of joy – endorphins, and, of course, immunity rises. 

Water procedures , such as whirlpool baths and Sharko’s shower 
Without them it is now difficult to imagine a comprehensive weight normalization program. It is the whirlpool and the shower of Charcot – the main enemies of cellulite. They restore tone to the skin, stimulate blood circulation, help to remove toxins and toxins from the body, improve metabolism and lymphatic circulation. 

Someone will be supplemented with a massage program, someone will have sessions in the aromatherapy, someone will undergo thalassotherapy. But the result will ultimately be the one to which you aspired: a slender, smart figure, not overshadowed by New Year’s complexes and, most importantly, the certainty that the result will be preserved for a long time – specialists of the medical center “Effect” are ready to take care of this.