16 Restaurants in the UK That Showcase British Food at Its Best

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If you’re planning a trip to the UK, you may not have high hopes when it comes to cuisine. It’s often said that British food isn’t very good. And it’s true, it’s not always high end. Traditionally, Brits like simple dishes, and are good at rustic cuisine. They get unfairly accused of producing nothing but overcooked meat and vegetables and lumpy gravy; tasteless, stodgy dishes without much flavor. But don’t write off British cuisine. After all, they cover all their desserts in custard. They have an entire meal that’s basically just scones and tiny cakes. There is nothing Brits cannot do with a potato (and if they find a way to put more than one carb in a meal, you bet they’ll try). And have you tried a proper Cornish pasty? Traditional British food is more than fish and chips and roast dinners, and it’s definitely something worth celebrating. So if you’re heading to the UK soon, put these restaurants on your must-visit list!

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