12 of the World’s Most Historic Villages You Can Still Live In

According to a report issued by the World Health Organization, the world’s urban population accounts for roughly 54 percent of the total global population, up 34 percent from 1960. That means of the roughly 7 billion people, nearly 4 billion inhabit major cities such as New York, Paris, and Tokyo, among others. But what about those who not only prefer the quiet life but also desire a location that hasn’t been sped up by modernization? AD rounds up 12 of the most historic villages around the world that still are not only livable but happen to be stunningly beautiful as well. From the village of Reine, off the northern coast of Norway, to the bright-blue hues of Júzcar in Andalucía, these charming destinations will surely have you packing your bags for a short (or permanent) stay.