11 Hilarious Electrical Fails You Can’t Help But Laugh At

Most of the time, DIY electrical work is no joke…but sometimes it is. These handymen made some pretty big mistakes involving electricity, but luckily they all lived to tell the tale.

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A Shocking Email

I’ll tell you right off that I hate working with electricity because it scares the heck out of me. But I had to replace an outlet, so I shut off the proper circuit breaker and checked the outlet with a voltage tester. The power was off. OK, no big deal. I started unscrewing the wire from the outlet, and just as the screwdriver touched the head of the terminal screw, someone sent me an email, which caused the phone hanging at my hip to vibrate. Thinking I was being electrocuted, I threw the screwdriver across the room, where it crashed right through the window. This is one time that hiring an electrician might have been cheaper.

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